Holiday in Squillace: tips on what to do and see in Ionian Calabria

Holiday in Squillace: tips on what to do and see in Ionian Calabria

Live an experience that goes through the discovery of the best destinations between sea, beaches and typical Calabrian cuisine. Find out all the destinations on its Ionian side for seaside holidays in Calabria between beaches and villages to keep in your heart.

If you want to visit Calabria, in Italy, in the province of Catanzaro, on side bathed by the Ionian Sea, at 344 meters of altitude, there is a town with a nice historical center and a golden coast that comes alive during the summer season.

In this guide you will find useful tips on what to do and see when you will be on holiday in Squillace.

This Calabrian destination, already well known to many tourists all over the world, is divided into various areas: the ancient town of Squillace Storica, also known as Squillace Superiore or Squillace Antica (the old village), which rises between the hills and is surrounded by two creeks, Ghetterello and Alessi.

Il promontorio su cui sorge Squillace Antica

Going down to the valley, towards the coast of the Ionian calabrian side, you will find the smaller villages, but very popular during summer, of Fiaco, Baldaia and Squillace marina, better known as Squillace lido.

This welcoming and charming seaside destination, with its immense beach that stretches from the promontory of Santa Maria del Mare up to Catanzaro lido, is the perfect location for your holidays by the sea in Calabria.

And if you have already booked your stay in the Club Esse Sunbeach seaside resort, you just have to plan your days in the best way, following this guide with all the useful tourist information, attractions to visit and the tips you need to spend a beach holiday in Calabria that you would never want to end.

The most beautiful beaches of the Ionian coast of Calabria

If you are a beach lover and you have booked a holiday in Squillace lido, in addition to the beautiful and golden homonym beach (also known as Squillace mare), the Club Esse Sunbeach will provide you with a wide choice of beach chairs and umbrellas.

Club Esse Sunbeach un oasi sul miglior tratto della costa ionica della Calabria

From here, moving on the Calabrian Ionian coast both south and north, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The beaches of Soverato Marina, which are located in the south of the Gulf of Squillace, are immense, white and very popular among youngsters and not only, representing a lively tourist attraction for the whole of Calabria, also known as the “Pearl of the Ionian“.

Il mare blu del litorale di Soverato Marina

In the Municipality of Stalettì, not far from Catanzaro, you will find a seaside destination called Caminia that will welcome you with a sandy beach and a transparent sea.

L'acqua color smeraldo di Caminia

Even closer to the Club Esse Sunbeach resort you will find Copanello beach, one of the most beautiful site of Ionian Calabria, not far from the centers of Soverato and Catanzaro, enriched by a frame of cliffs that make it undoubtedly one of the nicest seaside place in Italy.

And of course, if you have chosen a holiday in Squillace lido, you can not miss a visit to Le Castella, near Capo Rizzuto, an incredible beach, with fine and red sand. Opposite, it is possible to enjoy the view of the majestic castle that rises on a tongue of land that separates the sea, which can only be traveled at low tide.

Le Castella e Capo Rizzuto

What to do and what to see on holiday in Squillace lido

Without a doubt, go to Squillace Antica, with its medieval village on the top of the hill, where you will find the Norman Castle and the tower called “Vecchio Castello”.

Vista parziale del castello Normanno Squillace Antica

Once you reach the Castle of Squillace, you can also visit the late-antique necropolis, which is the oldest archaeological evidence of the occupation of the Squillace hill.

Once on holiday in Squillace lido, if you are passionate about history you can ‘travel’ to Magna Gracia, starting with visiting the Scolacium Archaeological park in Roccelletta di Borgia, passing again to Le Castella and reaching the Capo Colonna Archaeological park, which covers 30 hectares.

Alcuni resti del Parco Archeologico di Scolacium

It is worth visiting the city of Catanzaro, which offers many tourist attractions, such as the metropolitan cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Chiesa dell’Osservanza, the Norman Tower and the Villa Trieste, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

A holiday with kids in Ionian Calabria

A holiday in Squillace also means visiting a stretch of the Ionian coast of Calabria with many baby friendly beaches: sandy beaches with shallow water, enough space between the sun umbrellas, where there are beach attendants, bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities for parents and children nearby.

This is what they say two thousand pediatricians who participated in the survey, thus assigning the Green Flags and cataloging the beaches for children 2018.

And the green flags on the coasts of the Ionian Calabria are many, including Soverato, Santa Caterina dello Jonio Marina, Isola di Capo Rizzuto and above all Squillace lido, for a holiday with kids without thoughts and lot of fun.

Take some time for your little ones to experience Orme nel Parco, the first eco-experiential park with acrobatic paths in Calabria, immersed in a beautiful forest of the Sila National Park, where you can breathe the purest air in Europe. Booking is not necessary, the admission to the park is free and the fun guaranteed.

If you and your kids want to spend an alternative and “lively” day, do not miss Alberolandia, the right location to try a downhill in a tubby track, or in a plastic ball doing zorbing. And then again archery, go-karting with pedals, active trail, bike rental and an equipped area for the fun of children (0-3 years and 3-8 years) in complete safety.

Zorbing ad Alberolandia in Calabria

For water parks and water slides lovers, you can not miss a visit to the Atlantis Acquapark, which also has a beach club, restaurant, diving center, and a Camper area.

Where to eat typical Calabrian cuisine in Squillace Lido

Of course it is a must to savor all the intense flavors of Calabria, but once on holiday in Squillace you absolutely have to walk the Strada dei sapori cassiodorei (so called thanks to Cassiodoro, historian and writer of imperial Rome who lived in the area), all along the Gulf of Squillace, between farms and wild plants to discover: a truly unique experience.

The Strada dei sapori cassiodorei is a greedy route on the Ionian coast of Catanzaro where wine, oil and organic crops triumph, that passes through the central section of the Gulf of Squillace to show how olive groves, orchards and wild herbs such as oregano are grown . Without forgetting the overwhelming taste of capers, asparagus and wild fennel.

The Roads of Flavors, in Calabria, are 12 all in all and represent all the excellence of the region (currently protected by the Strada dei sapori cassiodorei Association), such as pecorino, soppressata, wine, dried figs, the ‘nduja and chilli.

The recommended stops are places like Bova Farm, Migliarese oil mill to see the entire procedire of oil processing, La Cascina wine shop for wine lovers and the D’Errico chocolate shop, to don’t miss anything.

How to get to Squillace lido

By car

Calabria can be reached by car from anywhere in Italy and is served by the A2 highway, which ends in Calabria. The highway is the fastest way to travel in Calabria and there are many exits and routes connecting the Ionian area.

You can also arrive in Calabria along the Statale 18 that runs along the coastal Tirrenica or along the Statle 106 that runs along the Ionic coast.

Lamezia Terme International Airport – Squillace lido

Airport of the Strait of Reggio Calabria – Squillace lido

S. Anna di Crotone Airport – Squillace lido

By bus

If you arrive at Lamezia Terme airport and your plan does not include a rental car, then a solution could be to book a transfer on, or on Autolinee Federico, to take you to Club Esse Sunbeach, to Squillace lido.

Alternatively, you could consult the Ferrovie della Calabria website, public transport service company.

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