10 things you absolutely must do if you go on holiday in Calabria

10 things you absolutely must do if you go on holiday in Calabria

If you have any doubts about how to plan your days for a holiday in Calabria, remember that there are these 10 things you have absolutely to put on the To-do-list, so you can say that you have lived for real the ‘tip of the boot’.

Let’s clarify right on that all this wonder will be yours simply staying comfortably at the Club Esse Sunbeach resort, strategicly located on the Costa degli Aranci, on the best Ionian Calabrian coast.

1) The nduja

Naturally, you can not leave Calabria without having tasted the exquisite and unique Nduja, the typical spreadable salami, very soft and obviously very spicy.

Nduja, prodotto tipico calabrese

2) The cipolla rossa di Tropea

Many typical Calabrian dishes have an ingredient that makes them unique: the red onion of Tropea, which is famous all over the world, sweeter and less harsh than other varieties, with its particular taste given by lands facing the sea and mild winters.

Prodotti tipici calabresi, cipolla di tropea

3) The licorice

Letting this kind of licorice, an ancient product known for over 35 centuries and defined as licorice cru, as the best quality worldwide, would simply be a crime. This is also one of the typical Calabrian products.

Liquirizia calabrese Spezzatina Amarelli

4) The extra virgin olive oil

In Calabria, the presence of olive trees has been witnesseds since the time of the Greeks. With this secular experience, the extra virgin olive oil from Calabria is one of the best Italian products. You can’t not tasting it.

Olio extravergine di oliva calabrese

5) Pollino national park

Visit the Pollino Park must be on your Top List, both because it is one of the largest in Europe, and because lately have been developed several water sport activities such as rafting and banchism.

Luoghi da visitare in Calabria, Parco del Pollino

6) Tropea and Scilla

Among the places to visit in Calabria there are Tropea and Scilla, two enchanted and charming locations, with scenic views that are reflected in the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Impossible not to do some photos.

Calabria da scoprire, Tropea

7) The Sila natural reserve and the Aspromonte

The Sila natural reserve and Aspromonte, represent two destinations suitable for all seasons, with woods, rivers, abandoned villages and scents that you will never forget.

Parco naturale della Sila in Calabria

8) Locri

The archaeological site of Locri is an enviable site all over the world and very visited. Fulcrum of Magna Grecia, you can admire the remains of temples, theaters, shrines and necropolis.

Tempio di Kaulon nell'area archeologica di Locri

9) Le Castella

The Fortezza aragonese of Le Castella, in the Marina reserve of Capo Rizzuto, represents one of the most magical places on the planet. The castle in the middle of the sea is linked to the mainland only by a strip of land.

Calabria: la Fortezza di Le Castella area di Isola di Capo Rizzuto

10) Riace bronzes

And of course, at last but not least, the beauty of Calabria. The Riace bronzes, preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, represent one of the most well-known symbols as well as some of the most famous sculptures in Italy.

I famosi Bronzi di Riace in Calabria

Our trip into this journey ends here, avoiding leaving important experiences to the case, because there is a Calabria not to be missed that maybe not everyone knows.

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