APP 2019: free Club Esse event to train young tourist entertainers

APP 2019: free Club Esse event to train young tourist entertainers

If your goal is to learn while having fun, APP 2019 is the right event to start working in the tourism-hotel sector. Try to imagine an event designed to train following the rhythm of the summer: above all, you become a tourist entertainer!

Do you want to know in a simple and fast way how the tourist entertainers are trained, knowing new friends ?! Well, watch the video story of the last edition and start feeling the summer vibes.

How to participate to APP 2019

One click will be enough. From March to May the recruiting tour will stop in Rome, Milan, Naples and in other Italian tourist locations, to meet all the aspiring tourist entertainers and tourist-hotel operators who will have sent their application.

To participate in the recruiting tour, simply go to the website and visit the page work with us, where it will be possible to discover all the open positions for the 2019 summer and fill out the form with your data. Those who pass the first selection will be invited to participate for free to APP 2019, that will be held exactly from Sunday 28th April 2019 to Wednesday 1st May 2019 at the hotel on the Abruzzo coast Club Esse Mediterraneo in Montesilvano (PE).

Even if you are already part of the Club Esse universe and you wish to upgrade or to get closer to the world of tourist entertainment, you can participate at the free training and sharing days of APP 2019, which will allow you to better face another important summer season.

How to train tourist entertainers

APP is a project designed by those who have made tourism entertainment their business and want to convey a realistic vision of this profession, enriched by a passion for the world of art and entertainment.

Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success. That’s why, in addition to providing you with all the technical tools you may need, numerous team building activities are planned with the aim of transforming the group into a team capable of achieving great results.

APP is also, and above all, fun! The Italian poet and writer Italo Calvino said that “fun is a serious thing”, and Club Esse wants to deliver this message with this tourist-training event. The entertainer is the one who, having fun, let you having fun. Participate and discover which is the starting point from which to build the basics of an unforgettable summer.

Together the Club Esse coaches in the previous editions exceptional teachers borrowed from the world of entertainment. Actors and comedians such as Giampiero Ingrassia and Mauro Simone, stars of the Italian musical of the caliber of Altea Russo, Giorgio Napolitano and Mattia Inverni.

All together performers, singers, F&B professionals, dancers and communication experts have contributed to unveiling all the tricks of thhis profession to the young entertainers, and future actors of the tourism world.

As for the last edition, also this year for all Club Esse collaborators, participation in the event to be held at the Club Esse Mediterraneo will be completely free.

Apply to the recruiting tour

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