APP 2017: working in tourism is fun

APP 2017: working in tourism is fun

More than two weeks have passed since the closing of APP, in its fifth edition, the Club Esse training event for tomorrow’s tourism professionals, and watching the pictures we can still feel the passion you’ve been involved with.

It’s time for evaluation, before this summer season (already started in some of Club Esse group’s resorts) begins to pulsate in the veins of who will have to put into practice what have been learned at APP 2017, the training event to be included for sure among the most updated ones in tourism industry.

Faces, situations, important guests and all the enthusiasm that we still breath today, speak about another great success of participation and involvement.

By scrolling through the images of the event, created to directly link jobs and tourism, we can see the smiles, the training activities, the classes and above all the seriousness with which all of you have bet on yourself so hard.

Tutors, masters and professionals on the one hand and young aspirants looking for their way on the other.

All in a reciprocal exchange of information and ideas that involved many managers and professionals with years of experience (GMs, Chefs, Economists, Reception managers) and many others who have only recently decided to work in tourism for the very first time. A powerful mix of experiences and aspirations that we are sure will further enrich Club Esse product.

The excellent theater performer Mattia Inverni, as well as having delighted the audience with some of his most famous performances, has held the advanced musical class for those who will entertain the guests this summer.

The engaging and impeccable sketch of Colorado’s comedian Nando Timoteo, as well as entertaining the audience has spoken about the Colorado and Zelig comedians tour in the Club Esse villages.

All this has enriched a three-day training course with professionalism, passion and much fun.

And now we here they are the pictures of APP 2017!


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