Working in tourist entertainment: how to organize the Mini Club

Parents who choose to spend their holiday in a seaside hotel with the Mini Club, or in a resort, are looking for the opportunity to spend their vacations together with their kids and with the possibility of having time to relax.

This is why the Mini Club in the seaside resorts has acquired an increasingly central role, and that, if well organized, will make precious the time of families who go on holidays with kids.

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There are two key words to keep in mind: safety and involvement. How can you guarantee them?

Child safety in the Mini Club of a seaside resort

The elements that play a fundamental role in guaranteeing the safety of the resort’s little guests are essentially four:

  1. Choose adequate and welcoming spaces and well-controlled reserved areas;
  2. Double check the materials and equipment you have available;
  3. Use enough team members to keep control of kids without pressure;
  4. Give importance to the registration time by asking parents for all useful and important information, such as allergies, habits and any issues.

Resort Mini Club and the involvement of kids on vacation

The important thing is to get into the perspective of ideas that a parent does not want to “park” their little ones, but wants them to be involved in fun and educational activities. Here are some tips that will be useful to you:

  • Create a sense of belonging: if a kid feels part of a special and exclusive group he will participate more willingly in the activities. This is why the Mini Club is usually given a special name by creating a club in the Club. In all Club Esse resorts and hotels it is calleda Hero Camp, which has its own mascot and often a dedicated jingle.
  • Divide the activities and groups into age groups, so that these can be ‘tailored’ on the little ones.
  • Propose an ad hoc program with fun activities: on the beach, in the pool, in reserved outdoor areas, and indoor ones when the sun is too hot.
  • Plan sport moments with specific courses and tournaments.
  • Organize theatrical activities involving kids and teens in acting and dance workshops and produce a show entirely performed by them, the so-called Baby Show.

In Club Esse, as in many other resorts, all these activities are joined by the chance for our little guests to have lunch with their friends, with the support of tourist entertainers, in a dedicated environment and with a specific menu.

By following these tips, the child will not only have fun, but will have the opportunity to socialize with their holiday companions, to experience exciting and growing experiences, leaving parents free and happy to enjoy their holiday independently.

Apply as a tourist entertainment

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