Sustainable holidays: resorts’ commitment to reduce the environmental impact

Sustainable holidays: resorts’ commitment to reduce the environmental impact

More and more people are looking for sustainable holidays that allow them to enjoy their free time without causing damage to the environment. Eco-friendly resorts are a great option for those who want to travel responsibly and sustainably. 

Eco-friendly hotels and resorts are committed to reducing the environmental impact of holidays through sustainable practices.

Using for example renewable energy sources, or the adoption of sustainable agriculture techniques, such as the Club Esse corporate forest.

In addition, they often promote outdoor and low-impact excursions and initiatives, such as trekking, hiking and ecological activities dedicated to younger guests, to encourage tourists to enjoy nature responsibly.

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How to reduce the environmental impact of a resort

Eco-friendly resorts, hotels and holiday parks often use sustainable building materials, such as local wood and stone.

This often happens in Sardinia.

Hotels and resorts not infrequently use the beautiful and well-known Sardinian granite, or schist, known as “Stintino stone”, which camouflages the houses, villas and resorts of the small Stintino village in the Mediterranean maquis.

Stintino stone for sustainable holidays

They also adopt waste management practices to reduce their environmental impact.

And often they promote the use of local and sustainable products for food and drink, thus encouraging tourists to support local communities.

Eco-sustainable resorts: how to choose them

Recognizing eco-friendly resorts is not complex.

They often work closely with local communities to create sustainable tourism programs and to ensure that tourists respect the local environment and cultures.

They promote environmental education for tourists and especially for their kids, so that they can better understand the environmental impact of their actions and make more informed choices during their holidays as adults.

Club Esse has long been involved in initiatives to promote environmental awareness, such as the RecycleTheater, where kids create imaginative and amusing puppets with the waste material of a tourist facility and the natural elements that can be found in the surrounding area, backdrops on which to stage stories about the defense and protection of the environment.

Responsible tourism: why choose a resort that has a limited environmental impact

Choosing an eco-friendly hotels and resorts for your holidays is a great way to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of tourism and to have a more responsible and sustainable travel experience.

The Club Esse For Planet program ensures that all the tourist villages of the hotel group are committed to reducing the environmental impact of each individual activity.

The next challenge is represented by the reduction, up to its total elimination, of the use of plastic.

This is why choosing a Club Esse hotels and resorts means choosing a conscious and sustainable holiday.

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