How tourism can reduce its environmental impact. Tips and solutions.

How tourism can reduce its environmental impact. Tips and solutions.

Club Esse is creating plans and actions to be undertaken for the next few years with a commitment to reduce the environmental impact: find out how sustainable tourism can contribute to environmental protection. 

Tourism is a constantly growing economic activity that has a significant impact on the environment. However, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of tourism through some eco-friendly practices and sustainable solutions.

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The benefits of sustainable tourism for local communities

To reduce the environmental impact of tourism, it is important to promote sustainable forms of it.

This includes the promotion of forms of tourism and trekking excursions, by bicycle or by sailboat, which in short use means of transport with a low environmental impact. Furthermore, it is important to promote forms of tourism that use local resources and that support the communities of the places where the hotel e i resort are located.

Another way to reduce the environmental impact of tourism is to promote forms of tourism that use natural resources in a sustainable way.

This includes tourist activities that make use, for example, of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, and ways that propose systems of sustainable and virtuous use and consumption of water, so as to reduce waste.

Obviously, to promote eco-sustainable forms of tourism, it is important that public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations and local communities work together to develop policies and programs that encourage this commitment.

How to choose a sustainable tourist activity

Choosing a sustainable tourism business is an important decision for the future of the planet.

Club Esse is committed to developing sustainable tourist activities that will make your holiday as eco-friendly as possible.

On top of this, with the Club Esse For Planet programme, the chain has created its corporate forest. All the hotels, resorts and tourist villages of the hotel group are committed to reducing the environmental impact of each individual activity. An example? Reducing, until totally eliminating, the use of plastic.

Choosing a Club Esse resort means choosing a conscious holiday that takes the path of sustainability.

With The Greenest, Club Esse is primarily committed to promoting more virtuous tourism.

And the corporate forest is a further demonstration of the commitment to the environment. On your next beach vacation or skiing holiday, help reduce your environmental impact, choose sustainable tourism.

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