On holiday, entertainment for kids and ecology, with the RecycleTheater

On holiday, entertainment for kids and ecology, with the RecycleTheater

Teaching the respect for nature through the entertainment for kids with games and imagination. For this purpose Artistidea’s theatrical company will set up afternoon laboratories in the Club Esse resorts in Abruzzo and Calabria in July and August.

When it comes to entertainment for kids it is often linked to birthday parties or special events, which has the main purpose of distracting the little ones to give moms and dads a moment of breath. In Club Esse Hotels and Resorts, breathing will be even deeper, as entertainment for the little ones, as well as having fun, is made to let them approach towards crucial topics for their future: mother nature and the environment.

The RecycleTheater amplifies the concept of kids’ entertainment, creating moments and spaces in which the ‘little guests’ can make sets and puppets with recycled materials. Magical objects and constructions that will produce a real show, of which the young participants will be authors and protagonists.

How does the RecycleTheater work?

With the waste material of a summer tourist facilty in addition to the natural elements that can be found in the surroundings, such as shells, brooms and rosemary, you can create, for example, splendid puppets, or perhaps a splendid stages.

Artistidea‘s actors will involve kids in three-hour afternoons with games and entertainment, providing useful ideas and scores to create all the necessary for the theatrical show.

The little ones will imagine what to do with what they have available and, guided by the Artistidea’s operators and the tourist entertainers of the resorts, pasting and dying, will create puppets and all the scenic elements that the inspiration can possibly suggest to them.

In the evening kids will be on stage with Inventiamo una storia! (‘Let’s invent a story!’), where the theme of the environment will finally meet theater and imagination.

The little guests of Club Esse Mediterraneo, Club Esse Costa dello Ionio and Club Esse Sunbeach, respectively in Abruzzo and Calabria, will therefore be the real entertainers of the party.

When will the entertianment for kids of the RecycleTheater be there?

The theatrical company Artistidea will be on Monday, July 3rd, at Club Esse Costa Ionio at Mandatoriccio Marina (Cosenza), on Tuesday, July 4th, at Club Esse Sunbeach in Squillace Lido (Catanzaro) and on Wednesday, July 5th, at Club Esse Mediterraneo in Montesilvano (Pescara).

Subsequently the workshops will be repeated for another three weeks in July and August (July 17th-19th , August 7th-9th, August 28th-30th) in the same resorts, but in a different order.

Artistidea is a theatrical company founded in 1998 thanks to the cooperation of expert actors, musicians, authors and artists in theater for kids.

Club Esse, which in recent years has helped training tourist entertainment professionals and and created many jobs as tourist entertainers, is taking another step towards activities dedicated to kids and teenagers.

The hotel group has always had a special consideration for families and their little ones, and the RecycleTheater is part of a wider commitment to ecology and solidarity, key themes of the Hero Camp.

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