Guerino Di Feo, Capo Animazione con lo zaino (mezzo vuoto) in spalla

Guerino Di Feo, Capo Animazione con lo zaino (mezzo vuoto) in spalla

Guerino Di Feo, Head of Entertainment at Club Esse in Club Esse Palmasera, talks to us about his “love” for tourist entertainment (and much more) on ‘About Us’.

While on vacation in Cala Gonone, one of Sardinia’s most beloved tourist destinations worldwide, if you’ve stayed at Club Esse Palmasera, you’ve probably encountered a guy from Battipaglia with a big heart and a backpack always on his shoulders, and he now shares his story with “About Us”

After getting to know Lele Barrella, one of the masters of entertainment made in Club Esse, Lisa Michelino the “Booking Lady” and a true expert in turning dreams into reality, Pasquale “Mr. Pako” Tafuro, with his unique style, and Marco Agulli and his Broadway-inspired dreams, it’s now Guerino Di Feo’ turn.

Hello Guerino, can you tell here at “About Us” why you chose tourist entertainment?

Partly out of curiosity and partly because I needed to find something different to hold on to. I couldn’t have made a better choice. And here I am, 9 years later. All Club Esse! ?

What do you love about your job?

The power to make you feel living the moment. To be there. To feel alive. Every day. The lightness. But above all, the stage. Being yourself in a thousand different costumes.

Your ideal vacation?

My ideal vacation is one with a half-empty backpack on my shoulders, to be filled with experiences, and good shoes for wandering, meeting, knowing, and learning to share.

Tell us about that time when…

I have many things to tell. A thousand, perhaps. In one season, anything can happen. Imagine in nine. Tears, laughter, friends who will never leave. To tell all this would be reductive, living them is interesting. Folks, go and experience the most beautiful thing in the world. The world of tourist entertainment. ?

What’s your secret to capturing guests’ attention?

Knowing how to listen: it’s like having a good story to tell. The more stories you have on your skin, the more guests will recognize themselves in you. A continuous, mutual exchange.

How has the pandemic changed your work?

I’ll be honest. For the better. Where a hug couldn’t reach, there were looks and smiles, the most powerful antidotes against fear. During that time, there were fewer playful activities but more desire to share and get to know each other. Animation 2.0, the one I’m connected to. Fewer activities but infinite connection. The new frontier of animation.

What makes you happy?

Looking at the stars, reading a book, walking. Wearing a costume, a pair of slippers, and making people smile.

Reveal your biggest dream.

I think I’ve already achieved my dream. Living six months in a tourist resort in contact with people and the other six months traveling with a backpack in contact with nature and the beauties that life has given us. I am a serene and fulfilled person. ?

Send a message to the guests reading this.

Thank you for adding time to my time. Thank you for constantly nourishing my soul, day after day. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

This will stay with me, forever.

I love you all! ?

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