About us: Head Entertainer Pasquale Tafuro, aka Mr. Pako

About us: Head Entertainer Pasquale Tafuro, aka Mr. Pako

Find out who gives shape and color to your holidays: for the section “About Us” today we introduce you Pasquale Tafuro, hotel Head Entertainer of the Club Esse Gallura Beach Resort.

If this year you have been on holiday in Aglientu, not far from Santa Teresa Gallura, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sardinia, you will certainly have seen one of the shows by Pasquale and the entertainment team.

After introducing you to Lele Barrella, one of the masters of entertainment made in Club Esse, and Lisa Michelino “Lady of reservations” and a true expert in dreams that come true, allowing all guests to always have what they have chosen, today at About Us is the turn of Pasquale “Mr. Pako” Tafuro.

Hi Pasquale, can you tell to “About Us” why did you choose tourist entertainment?

It just sort of happened I chose tourist entertainment: it was back in 2001 when a friend told me to try this unique experience. So, at the beginning of July after school, I decided. My first resort was Cala Bitta (which was then called Ringo Hotel) always with Club Esse. And as they say in these cases, the first love is never forgotten!

What do you love about your profession?

I love everything about my job! Starting with the guests you meet every week, the team, which eventually becomes a family. Giving smiles is perhaps the most beautiful thing there is in the world and when you see a guest, a kid, who smiles at you, you really understand why you love this job. And then the stage! The stage is freedom in all meanings … the applause, the laughter, the little guests playing happily in front of you. And all of this leads to freedom and joy. And then I’d talk for hours on stage (laughs editor’s note).

Your ideal holiday?

I see my ideal vacation in the midst of nature, with a jeep, Indiana Jones-style hat, my wife and the sea (it can’t work without it). Australia, for example, and wandering around aimlessly! And then I have a secret wish… Brodway: maybe one day I’ll make it happpen!

Tell us about that time when…

This is the inconvenient part! I could tell you whole pages of ‘that time’… but honestly the thing I remember most probably was my first time on stage: unforgettable! And at the end someone introducing me, the first applause to Paco the Neapolitan. A feeling that I will always keep in my heart.

What is your secret to get the guests’ attention?

I have no secrets! In the end I am myself, with so much simplicity and humility. Maybe that’s what guests like. I like to be with them all the time, have a coffee together, have a chat and make them feel part of the resort. In the evening on stage interacting with them is the thing I love the most. In other words, I try to convey tranquility and lightheartedness.

How has the pandemic changed your job?

Well, Covid cancel the phisical contact: the handshakes, the group games, the mask. But we have all learned to recognize emotions from the eyes, also because in the end the smiles and applause are still the same. I have (unfortunately) got used to social distancing: I believe that even if we are far away we are close.

What makes you happy?

It may be obvious as an answer, but I will tell you that what makes me happy is my whole life, especially thanks to those close to me, always ready to support me in everything I do. I think it’s the best thing in the world when people believe in you and trust you. You’ll sleep well and wake up with a smile.

Tell us your biggest dream.

20 years ago I would have told you “I want to become an Air Force pilot”: I haven’t tried this though (Paco laughs Ed.). Now instead I would tell you that I would like to do a TV show with the Italian Entertainer Fiorello (where he is my guest)! But I keep the most important one to myself: you know, I’m Neapolitan and superstitious!

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I am waiting for you to give you smiles and lightheartedness as always, this moment will only be a bad memory one day. I steal a quote from a movie I love: “It can not rain forever!”

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