About us: Marco Agulli, the Stintino head entertainer who dreams of Broadway

About us: Marco Agulli, the Stintino head entertainer who dreams of Broadway


Today for “About Us” we introduce you Marco Agulli, head entertainment of Club Esse Roccaruja and Sporting resorts in Stintino.

If you have already been on holiday in Stintino, or you already have your bags packed and you are about to leave, you probably know that it is one of the most popular Sardinian tourist destinations in the world. And the shows of Marco and his team are the icing on the cake of a holiday that you would never want to end again..

After you met Lele Barrella, one of the masters of entertainment made in Club Esse, Lisa Michelino “Queen of the bookings” and true expert on dreams that come true and Pasquale “Mr. Pako” Tafuro, today is the turn of Marco Agulli: a head entertainer with a passion for the theater.

Hi Marco, can you tell to “About Us” why did you choose tourist entertainment?

I started by chance thanks to a friend who had stayed in a resort as a guest and convinced me to leave. I was studying theater and the prospect of being able to participate in a different show every night seemed fantastic to me.

My friend did only one season and then changed his path, today he is a doctor, I have continued in this direction. ?

What do you love about your job?

The thing I love most about my job is the continuous chats with our guests on every possible topic, which enriches you, opens your mind, allows you to look at life from an infinite number of different points of view, and provides endless ideas also on an artistic level, for the creation and work on the characters to be brought to the stage.

Your ideal holiday?

Itinerant, I like to explore the places I visit as much as possible, discover the local culture. Exploring by day and partying by night.

Tell us about that time when…

Barely eighteen, in my first summer season, the evening of August 15th, very tired from the day, I fell asleep in the backstage, on a chair, during the musical (skipping my only, tiny entrance on stage). The head entertainment woke me up at the end of the closing song and no, it hasn’t been a good idea. ?

What is your secret to get the guests’ attention?

Amazement, one of the most beautiful sensations you can experience in life. Proposing something different from the usual, unexpected, putting your uniqueness at the service of our guests, without being afraid to dare: it has always been our hallmark as a staff.

How has the pandemic changed your job?

The health emergency forced us to rewrite most of our programs almost from scratch, we had to deal with stringent limits, and to create an alternative work model, which could be effective despite the restrictions of the case: it was stimulating.

The first thing you did when the restrictions ended?

A road trip with three of my best friends. Five days around Italy, without a precise destination, to discover places as unknown as they are incredible, all tiny provincial towns: it seemed like traveling back in time.

What makes you happy?

I am a very spiritual person and I firmly believe that happiness is wanting what you already have. Knowing how to find beauty in many small things that make every day special, rich and interesting. And live by remaining yourself, always, at any cost.

And Nutella, of course, eaten straight from the jar, with a small spoon.

Tell us your biggest dream.

I’ll tell you three of them.

Playing the Joker in a Broadway show.

Walk along the Great Wall of China.

Go into space.

Impossible dreams are always the best and the ones that last the longest. ?

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I wish all our guests to experience a surprising, easy-going and carefree holiday, able to make them feel far from everyday reality and to give them the time and quiet we all need to find ourselves, without compromise.

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