The search for tomorrow’s tourist entertainers starts here

The search for tomorrow’s tourist entertainers starts here

Images that speak with the close-ups of boys and girls, turquoise sea and 30 seconds to explain that being a tourist entertainer also means aiming for the warm and bright summer after a cold and gray winter.

This is the message launched for February and March recruitment campaign, designed to make young people understand that an alternative to the frustrations and routine of a common jobs can be found, even through a fun and stimulating work experience.

The message to tourist entertainers of tomorrow

Often, the tourist entertainers of tomorrow want to know that the place and the destination, with its colors and its scents, will make the difference in a hot summer full of smiling and satisfied faces.

The guys you see in the videos of the campaigns could have the faces of your closest and dearest friends, to whom you will trust the secrets of an incredible season.

The qualities of tourist entertainers

In tourist entertainment there is often the need to make it clear that we do not necessarily have to be showmen, to be the entertainers in the resorts, but we must “simply” want to have an experience and a healthy curiosity to meet people who come from different cities and countries, and that bring to the resorts all the richness of their culture.

Places where to be tourist entertainers

The turquoise of the sea, the white and golden beaches of the Italian coasts, the summer breezes and the scents of the brooms and junipers that color the rivieras where the Club Esse resorts are located. All this is just the beginning of a journey that will train you, entertain you and leave you with hard-to-forget memories.

If you want to do this experience and this is the path you are looking for, to live this summer 2018 to the full, send us your resume with your photo by writing an e-mail at [email protected], or tell us about yourself by filling out the appropriate form and you will receive a personal invitation to participate in the next casting:

Riceive a casting invitation

The selections for the tourist entertainment team of the 2018 season are underway, find out the casting dates.



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