Holidays in Sardinia: the best way to see manta rays, whales and dolphins | Video

Holidays in Sardinia: the best way to see manta rays, whales and dolphins | Video

Have you ever thought that while you’re on vacation in Sardinia and refreshing your feet in the sea of Stintino you could spot a “sea devil”? Or that among the crystal clear waters of Cala Gonone you could go whale watching and meet a flock of whales?

Well, in case you need an incentive or you are looking for added value to your Italian beach holiday in Sardinia, know that the sightings of incredible and majestic sea creatures such as stingrays (also known as “sea devils”), whales and dolphins can be very more frequent than you can imagine.

Yes, and not only that.

Here you will find footages of some of the most exciting and spectacular encounters, spotted recently by tourists on holiday and inhabitants of the island on the northern coasts of Sardinia.

Sighting of a huge manta ray in Stintino

You might have seen, and therefore you may still have your eyes full of wonder and amazement, the now viral video of a huge manta ray of at least 2 meters in the transparent waters of Stintino, in northern Sardinia.

The sighting of the sea devil took place in mid-June 2020 and immediately sparked great feelings among all swimmers and witnesses.

Whales in Sardinia in Cala Gonone, Orosei gulf

In Cala Gonone, in the marine area of Baunei, awarded as the most beautiful sea in Italy again this June by Touring Club and Legambiente which gave it 5 marine stars, during the lockdown in Italy, a flock of whales made quite a show by performing in some truly breathtaking emersions.

But these huge cetaceans feel like home among the coves of the Gulf of Orosei.

Dolphin watching during an excursion in Stintino

In July 2019, during one of the excursions that you can make by staying directly at Club Esse Roccaruja and at Club Esse Sporting, a group of tourists have been able to enjoy an unscheduled show.

This time was to a flock of dolphins swimming and playing in the pristine sea between the Gulf of Asinara and the Caribbean beach of La Pelosa in Stintino.

The rich sea of Sardinia, in Italy, therefore seems to be the ideal place to enjoy whale watching, or dolphin watching coming across some nice and playful marine creatures, or even have a very close encounter with another giant of the sea, a wonderful example of Mediterranean stingray.

And without going too far in some exotic place. Now you know what your tourist destination will be for this summer 2020 and for your safe holidays.

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