Holidays in Italy and covid: all the changes in the resorts, questions and answers

Holidays in Italy and covid: all the changes in the resorts, questions and answers

Spending covid free holidays in the Italian regions of Sardinia, Calabria and Abruzzo in total safety and tranquility is possible thanks to the adoption of Coronavirus anti-infection prevention and safety measures put in place by Club Esse to protect the health of all guests and collaborators of this 2020 summer season.

During the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency, Club Esse worked on the restart to protect the safety of guests and collaborators, bearing always in mind the goal of relaxation and fun, developing a series of anti-coronavirus prevention measures essential for a covid free holiday in Italy, and precisely in Sardinia, Calabria and Abruzzo.

In this way it was possible to combine the typical seaside resorts formula and hotel services with new simple rules that can ensure the guest to spend a peaceful and relaxed holiday, without sacrificing fun and entertainment, which has always been the heart of the summer offer in the hotels and resorts of the chain.

The plan of anti-covid measures for the summer 2020 restart in complete safety will be constantly updated on the basis of any new directions by the competent authorities.

To all guest traveling: it is important to remember that everyone, including kids under 3 years of age, must have a valid identity document for the entire duration of the stay, and in general, of the holiday.

 Holidays and covid: questions and answers 

The opening dates of the Club Esse hotels and resorts in Sardinia, Calabria and Abruzzo are currently scheduled between 26 June and 3 July 2020. To know exactly the one of the hotel or resort of your booking, or of the tourist village where you want to spend your covid free stay, you can contact the booking and reservations office by calling the phone number +39 06 45439344 or by writing an email to [email protected].

When will you be able to check in?

To avoid gatherings and facilitate the social distancing, in almost all Club Esse hotels and resorts the check-in will be possible on all days of the week.

What anti-covid precautions will be taken in hotels and resorts?

  • Each employee will receive health surveillance and daily temperature control and will be trained on all procedures based on government indications.
  • The areas of high-volume passage will be equipped with sanitizing gel.
  • Room bookings will be limited according to the necessary social distancing measures in order to avoid overcrowding and gatherings.
  • At the moment, the use of masks will be mandatory in any situation where it is difficult to keep social distancing.
  • All guests will be required to strictly comply with the regulations relating to social distancing and all the procedures provided by the information displayed in the tourist facility for their own, and other guests, safety
  • For the disinfection and sanitization procedures, will be used technologies approved by WHO and ISS (Italian National Institute of Health), to sterilize the environments from viruses and bacteria throughout the facility (rooms, restaurant area, bars, reception, sofas, chairs, deck chairs, beds etc.).

How will the guests of the resorts be received at the reception?

  • Guests will be welcomed by our reception service which will carry out all procedures in safety.
  • Each guest, in order to protect the whole tourist facility, will be asked for a selfcertification in order to declare that they do not have contracted the COVID-19, do not have the symptoms, and do not be exposed to a quarantine measure.
  • To guests on arrival will be delivered previously sanitized COVID-Free rooms. Rooms and their furnishings will be hygienized on a daily basis and sanitized once a week and at every guest change.
  • Bed linen and towels will arrive in the facility with strict certificates of competence that follow the the WHO and the ISS (Italian National Institute of Health) guidelines and with UNI EN 14065:2016 certification.

How will the restaurant and bar be managed to contain the covid?

  • The layout of the restaurant areas will take into account the social distancing measures provided for by the guidelines and decrees in force.
  • A table will be assigned to each room. Instead of the buffets, there will be set up food areas where meals will be served by our staff, self-service will not be allowed. The food areas will be shielded and sanitized at the end of each service.
  • The access to the Baby feeding room will be regulated, sanitation will be carried out several times during the day and disinfection will be daily scheduled. In addition, the use of single-portion products and hermetic dispensers will be offered as far as possible.
  • For guests in bed and breakfast formula we have organized a dedicated line of express takeaway catering that you can safely enjoy in your room or in the outdoor spaces of the Resort and in addition to this we decided to expand the offer by including Italian round pizza among the takeaway foods.
  • The breakfast areas have been reorganized and expanded, also using the spaces outside the restaurant areas.

What changes for the resorts’ beaches?

  • The beach stations will be assigned by our staff daily. They were designed taking into account the social distancing measures provided for by the decrees. Also in this case we will implement strict sanitation protocols at each change of guest, with a minimum daily frequency.
  • At the moment there are no particular restrictions for swimming in the sea, always respecting the minimum social distancing from other swimmers.

And what will the anti-covid measures be for swimming pools in the resorts?

  • Access to the sunbathing area of the swimming pools will be organized in accordance with the current regulations on social distancing.
  • Access to the pool will be free for all guests, with the obligation to use swimming caps and respect for the minimum social distancing from other swimmers.

How will entertainment and sport change?

The entertainment, the beating heart of the Club Esse group, has been reorganized without losing its characteristics of excellence. All sports, leisure and entertainment activities allowed will be organized for individual guests or in any case in order to guarantee the best possible social distancing.

How will the baby club be organized for post-covid free holidays?

The Hero Camp, so loved by our young guests, will change schedules to allow kids to have lunch with their parents in total safety. We have increased the number of Hero Trainers to allow a subdivision of our little guests into smaller and more easily manageable groups, and in the evening we have introduced the 2020 new activity, the Hula-Dance, or the baby dance of our little heroes, carried out within spaced circles on the ground, to allow kids to play with adequate social distancing.

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With the right measures and with a hint of common sense there is no doubt that it will be a new and extraordinary summer for everyone. Ready to leave?

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