Here is Lucilla in the resorts in Sardinia: shows, dances and music for kids

Here is Lucilla in the resorts in Sardinia: shows, dances and music for kids

In the hotels and resorts for families with kids in Italy and Sardinia, Lucilla arrives from the Alman Kids children’s channel with shows, dances and music for kids. 

Music for kids and baby dance

A fun, engaging and interactive show for kids and families on holiday in hotels and seaside resorts in Sardinia.

Lucilla offers a cheerful and witty children’s show, based on songs and small choreographies to make kids dance and, often, parents too!

Uno spettacolo per bambini di Lucilla

Fonte: pagina ufficile Facebook di Lucilla

A recreational and at the same time playful, educational show that tends to create interaction through the basic concepts of first learning, such as numbers, letters and sounds.

Fifty minutes all dedicated to kids, with dancers, sequences and musical effects. And in the end Lucilla will meet the little guests of the resorts and their families on a beach holiday.

Public shows are promoted through all the social network channels of Lucilla and Alman Kids.

Lucilla: the Italian star of Alman Kids

Graduated in Educational Sciences, Lucilla brings together the great passions that have always accompanied her: singing, dancing and love for kids.

She creates, with the support of the imagination of the little ones, one of the characters most loved and followed by Italian kids today: “I am Lucilla and I come from the Sun to entertain all children!”. This is what the Facebook biography of Lucilla says, an authentic queen of Alman Kids , one of the Youtube channels most loved by kids.

Foto di Lucilla dal suo profilo Facebook

Fonte: pagina ufficile Facebook di Lucilla

Lucilla is now very famous among Italian kids. On her YouTube channel, her videos and her songs are a huge success: over 100 million views in just over two years!


The dates of the Lucilla show

The show will be held on July 14 and August 25, 2022 at the Club Esse Palmasera Resort and on 13 July and 24 August 2022 at the Club Esse Roccaruja resort.

Come on vacation and enjoy the show

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