Club Esse is dedicated to bringing in motivated and passionate individuals into its facilities.

Regularly, they organize training activities and team-building sessions to maintain the well-being of their staff, with consistent support from Il Tuo Lavoro.

Every year, they arrange the APP event to prepare for the summer season. This event equips participants with the tools and knowledge to confidently undertake their roles within the team.

APP takes place a few days before the summer season begins, offering new staff a chance to familiarize themselves with procedures, tools, and the chain’s mission.

The program typically includes:

  1. Theoretical and practical courses held by external consultants and trainers covering:
    – Specific topics for each department;
    – Workplace safety and HACCP;
    – Communication techniques.
  2. Meetings with company managers to align on objectives and quality standards.
  3. Evening gatherings with entertainment and team-building opportunities.

Here’s what happened in previous editions of APP:

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