The art of being happy: three mareketing videos to explain it

The art of being happy: three mareketing videos to explain it

In the new Club Esse advertising campaign, we speak for images of sun, sea, food, relaxation and fun, with 3 videos entirely shot on the stunning backgrounds of the hotels in Sardinia of the hospitality chain.

We highlight the reasons that lead a guest to choose a Club Esse beach holiday, especially after a long winter, gray and cold like this one.

In these 3 marketing videos, where the protagonists are both adults and little ones, it is emphasized as the desire to take a break in a paradisiac scenery, made of turquoise waters, golden beaches, camps and restaurants by the sea, prevail sometimes even on everyday reality.

The moment the guest chooses a Club Esse beach holiday, he, or she, consciously chooses happiness, because they rely on the expert hands of professionals who have made hospitality and cordiality the first mission of their work.

Let’s see in detail the 3 Club Esse marketing videos.

1. Here is how He chooses happiness

The setting is typical of the big city, where the protagonist of the story is immersed in the traffic of the classic urban jungle. Horns, stress and a tongue of cars trap the unfortunate future vacationer inside his vehicle. All of a sudden he “chooses” to knock it off and leave the car to go to a magical place. He comes out of the vehicle and … Well, why don’t you find out the rest?!

2. A little tribe chief in a bedroom

Children, it’s well known, have such a fantasy, to sometimes make the most hidden and secret dreams real. We have all been there and we can all remember how many adventures we have lived, how many discoveries we have made with a made-up treasure map, and how many battles we have won.

The little protagonist of this second video, immersed in his room between homeworks and school books on a dull and humid day, discovers the funny adventures that can live in the Hero Camp of the Club Esse seaside resorts, along with other little guests like him and the hotels mascotte, the Hero Penguin.

3. She, after the office, dives into a sea of dreams

It’s about 6 pm, and after a hot and very heavy day of office paperwork, the protagonist of this video returns to a house that seems to have no time to live. So, after dropping the shopping bags on the ground, she decides to take a moment of peace lying on the bed. After closing her eyes, a dream becomes reality.

The advertising campaign of the new 2018 Club Esse summer season, which uses the evocative places, where its hotels and resorts are located, as the authentic backgrounds, puts the premium on the guests and their needs, to which the operators and collaborators of the hospitality chain will meet with passion and professionalism, to make you live happy holidays and a sweet break in which to be pampered.

If you want to go on holiday and recharge your batteries in one of the Club Esse resorts, you simply have to make your choice. Are you ready?!


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