APP 2024: hospitality training for professional growth

APP 2024: hospitality training for professional growth

Club Esse is gearing up for APP 2024, a gathering aimed at fostering motivation and providing training for professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector who will be working at Club Esse Hotels & Resorts​​. 

This event serves as the traditional kickoff to the summer season, equipping participants with the tools to carry out their duties with greater confidence and awareness within their teams.

What is APP 2024?

APP is an event tailored for preparing for the summer season, designed to equip resort collaborators with the necessary tools to confidently fulfill their responsibilities within their respective teams.

Above all, it’s an opportunity to get to know future colleagues and immerse oneself in the company culture.

When and where will APP 2024 take place?

APP 2024 will run from May 3rd to May 6th, in the enchanting Cala Gonone (NU), Sardinia, at Club Esse Palmasera.

GMs, supervisors, and selected collaborators from various company departments will be invited to participate, focusing on training and team building.

The event also offers a chance to meet with the hotel chain’s management and commercial partners.

What’s on the Agenda for APP 2024?

The program for the 2024 edition includes:

1. Theoretical and practical courses conducted by external trainers on department-specific topics, workplace safety, HACCP, and communication and collaboration techniques.

2. Meetings with company managers to discuss quality standards and procedural processes for summer 2024 and to share goals.

3. Evenings of entertainment and fun events.

Why and how to participate in APP 2024

APP presents a tangible opportunity for personal and professional growth, offered by Club Esse to its collaborators.

It’s a valuable moment to connect with colleagues and share experiences in the beautiful natural setting of Cala Gonone (NU).

Participation is reserved for company staff who have received a specific invitation. For further information, please contact [email protected]. Se non sei ancora uno di noi, puoi candidarti cliccando su Lavora con noi.

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