Amami, the new non-profit for children to develop humanitarian projects

Amami, the new non-profit for children to develop humanitarian projects

We are proud to announce that on March 17, 2017, Amami, the new non-profit organization for humanitarian projects aimed mainly for children, was officially formed.

As a touristic hotel management company and an active player in the country, we have reached a natural development to allow us actively contribute to the humanitarian level.

As a result, Amami was born, the new non-profit organization of social utility. Our main objectives are the donation of equipment intended for hospitals and the development of humanitarian projects, mostly aimed for children.

The non-profit organization, set up for charity purposes only, is led by the charity’s president Dr. Giovanni Porqueddu, a surgeon on duty at the University Hospital of Sassari, in Sardinia, Italy.

Club Esse is not only tourism, but also a concrete social commitment, aimed primarily towards disadvantaged individuals and groups of the population in conditions of social or economic weakness.

#direzionefelicità (#destinationhappiness) continues its journey and becomes a real mission that binds the entire Club Esse universe, especially for children.

Club Esse services have always been intended to entertain our little guests with the Camp Hero (and Young Club for boys) and Biberonerie service, to help Mum and Dad  to enjoy their relaxing, little details we offer in all our facilities.

With Amami we complete the commitment and awareness Club Esse has taken since the beginning. You will be able to follow our new vision through our social media channels, where we hope to inform everyone that in this way they can consciously contribute in their own small way.

Now, this gives you yet another reason to choose Club Esse, perhaps the most important one, and to help us bring our contribution to those in need, giving hope for the future of children.

We are confident that Club Esse non-profit Amami and its president Dr. Giovanni Porqueddu, at the forefront fot the development of humanitarian projects, will be the protagonists of fantastic adventures, bringing a smile to those who need it most, because we all travel toward the same direction.

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