Working in tourist entertainment: what you will learn by doing this job

You will leave for the summer season with many qualities, and working in the tourist entertainment in a resort will increase your skills and your background, that you can use in many other areas and sectors of the marketplace.

Find out what are all the tricks of this profession that will help you acquire very valuable knowledge, skills and qualities, making you a multifunctional resource in the marketplace.

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1. Team work

Many jobs require a good predisposition to teamwork and in an entertainment team this attitude develops naturally and almost unconsciously. The knowledge of the mechanisms that regulate the balance of a group is certainly a treasure that at the end of your experience in a tourist facility you will find useful in your future jobs, inside and outside the tourist sector.

2. Autonomy and independence

Hardly the seaside resorts where you’ll work will be close to your home, and this is a limit for many at the beginning. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who will accept the challenge, this will become a possibility for growth. You will learn how to dose your energy and organize your day, you will get to know new places and people. In short, from this experience you will acquire a deeper knowledge of yourself and you will discover that you possess qualities that you did not imagine you had.

3. Sense of responsibility

If you think that a seaside resort is a place where you can do whatever you want, then you will have a great disappointment! The tourist facility have well-defined programs that are planned as the mechanism of a clock, and every ‘piece’ must perform its task, since the work of another individual is based on that. Being a tourist entertainer will help you learn to have a sense of responsibility and you will understand that what you don’t do will impact your colleagues and vice versa.

4. Work under pressure

You will work on the beach, in the pool, you will go up on a stage, the guests will know your name and they will be pleased to talk to you: do you think all this is wonderful? Yes you’re right, it is! But it must also be said that it can cause a little stress, you will pass from the anonymity of your city to a place where you will feel important is essential. You will learn to manage that feeling and in other contexts this will be very useful to you.

5. Respect for the rules

Whether they are working or cohabitation ones, explicit, implicit or implied, the rules exist and the resort is no exception. The rules are the highest form of respect for your colleagues. Living with such close contact with other people will allow you to develop a work ethic that will help you to become a professional in any work environment.

6. Open mind

Knowing new people means comparing yourself with different individuals with whom you can share knowledge of all kinds. You will also meet those who will not think like you, allowing you to develop a listening skill and a view of things from another point of view and, maybe, sometimes you will change your mind.

7. Development of taste in art

Maybe you will go on stage only to dance the theme song or maybe you will be the protagonist of the top musical of the schedule. It does not matter! You will learn to appreciate singing, dancing, acting. You will be moved by the theatrical productions and the beauty of the sparkling costumes. Many young people, after having worked in tourist resorts, turned to the theater or to music. Developing an artistic taste will always be useful in your life and work. Moreover, “the whole world is a stage”.

Apply as a tourist entertainment

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