Working in tourist entertainment: what to expect from this experience

Whether you are a beginner or you want to continue to build a path as an entertainer in the seaside resorts, retrace the steps, discover the secrets and learn the rules of tourist entertainment, an experience that will change your life.

Rio Tommasino, Head of Entertainment for Club Esse, in this second of ten episodes, explains what to expect from a summer season spent in tourist entertainment.


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What is the tourist entertainment?

The tourist animation is the set of daytime and evening activities carried out within the seaside resort by an entertainment team and that can be divided into three macro categories:

  • entertainment
  • sport
  • services

The real entertainment is all about games and contact, or the relationship that the tourist entertainers have with the guests of a resorts.

Sport aerea is the number of sports initiatives carried out within the tourist facilities.

While within the services are included the Club House (or club office and information services), the mini club, which in the specific case of Club Esse is called Hero Camp, and, obviously, the evening shows.

How is an entertainment team made up?

An entertainment team, managed by the Head of Entertainment (or entertainment chief) assisted by a Entertainment Team Leader and a sports chief, is composed of several departments, and consequently by different roles and divided as follows:

  • Hero Camp (mini club), managed by the department supervisor and his/her team.
  • Sport, whose activities (included sea sports) are organized by the sports chief.
  • Contact, with the supervisor and the “contact team”.
  • Theatre, managed by the artistic director helped by the chorus, choreographers, set designer, stage technician and audio-lighting technician.
  • Club House, a very important info point, led by the Club House supervisor and the hostesses.

What to expect from an experience in tourist entertainment?

From the experience of living a season as a tourist entertainer in a seaside resort, you have to expect a personal growth. It is an immersive, wonderful and enjoyable experience where you can breathe an authentic team spirit and that will make you meet many passionate people and experience a summer full of fun.


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