7 typical dishes to try in your skiing holiday in Valle d’Aosta

7 typical dishes to try in your skiing holiday in Valle d’Aosta

Once you have planned your holiday on the snow, what remains to do is organize your days in Valle d’Aosta; and between skiing and snowshoeing here they are, the recipes of the typical dishes in Aosta Valley cuisine that you absolutely must taste.

You just put your luggages into your room at Club Esse Pila 2000 hotel, in the enchanting ski location of Pila, in Valle d’Aosta, when all of a sudden you start to feel a bit peckish.

Well, stop, breathe and do not throw yourself on the first snack that happens in front of you, because the traditions of Valle d’Aosta, especially the culinary ones, have to be discovered and in this case to taste.

Here are 7 typical dishes you have absolutely to try in your skiing holiday in Valle d’Aosta.

1. The typical dish of Valle d’Aosta: fondue

fonduta valdostana

A curiosity of the Valle d’Aosta is the one that concerns fondue, a typical and delicious dish based on fontina cheese, characteristic of the Alpine area between Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Savoy and Switzerland. But the region that has won the ‘paternity’ of the simple but tasty recipe, is the Valle d’Aosta, since the main ingredient is the Fontina Valdostana PDO.

2. Polenta concia

Polenta concia

The customs and traditions of Valle d’Aosta are to be discovered, but those that concern the typical Valdostan cuisine have an added value, that one of the richness of flavor, expressed to the the typical yellow flour polenta cooked in the oven with slices of fontina and melted butter.

3. Vapelenentse soup


When it comes to festivals and traditions in Valle d’Aosta, one can not fail to mention this tasty soup, among the typical dishes of Valpelline, which is the undisputed star of a patronal feast.

4. Valdostana ribs

Costolette alla valdostana

One of the most ancient traditional dishes of the Valle d’Aosta, as well as a delicious meat main course, is represented by this regional version of the ribs, loved all over the world.

5. Suede Civet

Civet di camoscio

Let yourself be tempted by the aromas of this game dish to be served with polenta or potatoes, strictly from Valle d’Aosta. Among the typical wines of the this region with which to combine this main meal, we recommend the Donnas or the Torrette Superiore, at 20 C ° of service.

6. Valdostan sweet tegole

tegole dolci valdostane

Valle d’Aosta is not only represented by main meals of extraordinary intensity. In fact, the Valdostan sweet tegole, the most classic of regional desserts, made with hazelnuts, almonds and vanilla and with a typical thin disc shape, are one of the typical products of Valle d’Aosta.

7. Valdostan coffee

Coppa dell'amicizia per il Caffe alla valdostana

Every Italian meal has to finish with a good coffee, perhaps the most delicious and peculiar, to be enjoyed in good company by sharing the typical ‘Friendship Cup’. The Aosta Valley coffee with sugar, orange peel and lemon is drunk after having lit up the fire to this infused coffee and grappa, one at a time and counterclockwise, from the different spouts of the cup (so called “à la ronde”) .

Did you already get hungry, right? Keep it like this to enjoy with all your senses these delicious typical dishes of the Valle d’Aosta, which will give your holiday a unique flavor to remember.

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