5 things to do in Valle d’Aosta by way of parks and excursions

5 things to do in Valle d’Aosta by way of parks and excursions

If for Christmas you gave a skiing holiday or you are still planning it, we give you some ideas to make the most of your stay: here’s what to see in Valle d’Aosta, between skiing on the slopes and snowboarding.

Whether you have booked a weekend, 5 days or a classic sky trip at Club Esse Pila 2000, the question could remain the same: Valle d’Aosta, where to go? Do not worry, this region offers itineraries of all kinds for all lovers of parks and nature reserves that love hiking.

1. On the snow at the Gran Paradiso National Park

Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso

One of the most beautiful excursions in Valle d’Aosta is certainly offered by the uncontaminated scenarios of the first Italian National Park, born even in 1922. We are talking about the Gran Paradiso National Park which, in addition to having brought back, between the ’70s and’ 80, the ibex to live in the Park, is distinguished by the several initiatives dedicated to the promotion of these incredible locations.

2. Hiking between the lakes of Valle d’Aosta

Il Lago Blu è tra le 5 cose da fare in Valle d'Aosta

If you’re wondering what to see in a day, probably a walk in Val D’Ayas to the Blue Lake (Valle d’Aosta) is the one for you. This excursion is definitely affordable for everyone, thanks to its well-traced path that does not have exposed or dangerous traits. As a result it is certainly also suitable for families with kids.

3. A snowshoeing lesson

Ciaspolata sulla neve in Valle d'Aosta

We have already talked about the Gran Paradiso as one of the top destinations in Valle d’Aosta, more than anything else for its landscapes rich in flora and fauna and for the walking trails. What you probably do not know is that during the whole month of December in Ceresole Reale, you can attend a snowshoeing course for beginners, even for your kids. The mini-course includes downhill, uphill and crosswalk tests, with basic useful notions for “interpreting” the snow. If your children are under 12, they can participate for free.

4. An excursion in the sky

Skyway sul Monte Bianco è tra le 5 cose da fare in Valle d'Aosta

Among the places to visit there is definitely Punta Helbronner, on Mont Blanc, with ‘its’ Skyway cable way absolutely not to be missed, where you will be able to face in complete safety an extreme engineering challenge at 3500 meters of height, among the perennial glaciers of Mont Blanc, immersed in a breathtaking scenario from a 360 ° rotating cabin.

5. Chamonix and Courmayeur

Courmayeur è un paradiso tra le montagne

Chamonix valley, between 1,000 m and 4,810 m, it offers so many opportunities and sporting, cultural, contemplative and extreme activities for the most fearless. Courmayeur is a paradise for all mountain lovers where it is impossible to get bored, especially for lovers of hiking and trekking.

By now, more and more visitors and tourists who choose to spend their holidays in Valle d’Aosta, to experience nature, devote themselves to relax and learn about the history, art, and culture of a region with an immense heritage to be told and adventures to be lived.

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