Sardinia and bicycle: Giro d’Italia will relaunch cycle tourism

Sardinia and bicycle: Giro d’Italia will relaunch cycle tourism

42 cycling itineraries, 2000 km of cycle paths and a 225 million euro’s project; these are the numbers that will revitalize 2 wheels tourism in Sardinia for all cycling holidays enthusiasts.

From the moment that the hundredth Giro d’Italia Grand Depart arrives in Alghero (northern Sardinia) all eyes and ears of cycling experts and enthusiasts will focus on the Catalan city. Moreover, the fact that Club Esse Roccaruja will be in the spotlight by hosting the six best teams of the popular centennial Italian bicycle race, puts us in an excellent position to provide some useful suggestions for you, in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday. But like any journey, before leaving, choose the appropriate transport.

Cycling holidays: mountain bike or road bike?

It is important that before taking such a holiday you understand which bicycle type is the best option for you, considering the path will be long and can sometimes be exhausting. Knowing in advance what kind of bike to opt for, could make your vacation even more enjoyable. If you are a dynamic and sportive person, and more than anything trained, the mountain bike ensures reliability, versatility and lots of fun. While if you are looking for quiet walks among the natural beauty, riding vintage shapes, probably a classic road bike will suite you best. In any case, consulting some knowledgeable friend or taking advice from experts may be a good strategy.

Accessories and routes for cycle tourism: planning is the key

Before leaving on a long trip (as a popular Italian singer sang) put in your suitcase a GPS for your bike. Decide if your luggage will be a side bag or a bigger truck that will be attached to your bike. Some must-haves: helmet, reflective vest, lights and the rear view mirror. Again, listen to the opinions of those who have taken a similar holiday before you, it could provide you with useful insights. As for the routes, while you await the cycle-tourism expansion plan to be completed, the island is spoiled for choice. You just have to decide whether to go along the West Sardinian route, between scents of rosemary and myrtle, or opt for the south-east that still retains the charm of the past. Alternatively you can head towards Oristano leaving from Cagliari, losing yourselves between rocks and crystalline waters, under a different hot summer sun.


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