La Festa 2023: let’s Celebrate a hot summer together

La Festa 2023: let’s Celebrate a hot summer together

The traditional Club Esse Party is back. In December, when summer seems too far away and winter is just around the corner, you can warm your heart. 

Reunite with friends and guests of our resort, dance, toast, and have fun like we’ve always done on all your vacations together. The golden atmosphere of grand social events awaits you.

Here’s how you can join La Festa 2023

To get an invite to La Festa 2023 on Friday, December 1, 2023, at Spazio Novecento in Rome, alongside the entire Club Esse hotel chain entourage, from the group’s management, HM, entertainers, and other resort staff, to partners and tour operators, you’ll need to be a Club Esse Prime member.

If you’re already a member of the program, starting from early November, you’ll receive an invitation in your email inbox with all the details. You’ll then need to respond confirming your attendance and specifying any accompanying guests.

If you’re one of the collaborators of Club Esse’s tourist facilities, you’ll receive your invitation directly starting from the month of November.

Would you like to join Club Esse Prime?

To join the loyalty program, visit the Club Esse Prime page and fill out the form by October 28, 2023. By doing this, in addition to enjoying many advantageous offers and Club Esse benefits, you’ll receive an invitation to the party and get to meet all the stars of this splendid season.

Celebrate the approach of Christmas with all your summer friends from Club Esse.

La Festa will surprise you once again, with a new main theme that you’ll discover soon, the traditional and exclusive location in Rome, music, toasts, artistic performances, and great company.

We’ll also celebrate the great work of all the collaborators who constantly enhance the Club Esse brand and who have faced this summer with passion and dedication.

For any further information about La Festa 2023 feel free to reach out to us [email protected].

Contact us via phone or via email:

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