La Festa 2022: the fluorescent event that brightened Rome

La Festa 2022: the fluorescent event that brightened Rome

Club Esse with its guests, collaborators and partners, on Friday 4 November 2022 at the exclusive location of Spazio Novecento, in Rome, brightened the Italian capital with a brilliant party.

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As per tradition, the property, all the hotels and resorts staff, partners and collaborators, many guests and friends and the press celebrated the successes on Friday 4th November, at La Festa Club Esse, another growing season and toast together to future challenges and excellent goals to achieve.

The magnificent location of Spazio Novecento in the heart of Rome, has been “invaded” by a numerous and festive “fluorescent” people who have already set the coordinates for the next season: happiness!

At La Festa 2022, among the partners, the most loyal guests, the hotels and resorts managers and their staff, the entertainment teams, the employees of the operational offices and many friends and collaborators, there were about 1200 participants.

La capitale si è magicamente riempita di un’onda festante e felice fluo e colorata.

A La Festa 2022 c’erano gli ospiti più affezionati, i collaboratori, i direttori, lo staff alberghiero, i capi villaggio con le loro equipe di animazione, i partner, i dipendenti degli uffici operativi e tanti amici stimati.

Le coreografie fluo della location sono state arricchite dagli show del pluripremiato violinista elettrico crossover Andrea Casta, by the Lux Arcana and their fluo choreaography with led lights and by the DJ sets of Gass Krupp and Gabriele Gerosi.

As always, at La Festa 2022, the opportunity was taken to thank the many passionate professionals who year after year commit themselves with dedication to making your holiday an experience to be jealously preserved in your memories.

The Club Esse 4Planet project

There’s been a very significant institutional moment. Club Esse, which for years has been committed to safeguarding the environment with various kinds of initiatives, presented the Club Esse 4Planet project.

The hotel chain, with the partner THE GREENEST, has in fact created its own corporate forest, involving up to now 70 growers and helping to cut down 60 tons of CO2 per year.

The ???? ???? ??????? project was born in 2020 and is a path to be undertaken in 10 years with the aim of making the hotels and resorts that host them as less impactful as possible for the environment.

Club Esse has already started with raising awareness through the Pink Hero mascot towards the little ones with activities dedicated to the environment.

La Festa 2022 awards went to:

  • Paride Varoli, to have embraced the needs of the Club Esse company, demonstrating great availability and efficiency (company – Io Bevo);
  • Valerio Albrizio, Cala Gonone Bar Manager Area, for having effectively contributed to the improvement of the product offered to our guests with a proactive spirit and oriented towards problem solving;
  • Agostino Piredda, Club Esse Gabbiano Beach chef , for having embraced the needs of the company by proving to be a solid reference point and a motivated and tireless worker;
  • Guglielmo Limatola, Club Esse Gallura Beach Reception Manager, for having tackled their work with enthusiasm and determination, offering solid support to colleagues and an impeccable and warm welcome to guests;
  • Hero trainers of the Club Esse Palmasera Resort, (represented by the Hero Camp Team Leader Daniela Parisi) for having managed the fun and educational activities dedicated to our little guests with responsibility and passion, following with dedication the corporate standards of the Hero Camp;
  • Club Esse Sporting (represented by the GM  Katya Brui), for the high level of quality of services achieved through compliance with company standards, attention to detail, and attention to the needs of guests always high;
  • Club Esse Mediterraneo (represented by the GM Massimo Casciano), for having worked in an atmosphere of sharing and collaboration between departments with constant and passionate attention to guest satisfaction;
  • Club Esse Roccaruja and Club Esse Sporting entertainment team (represented by Head of Entertainment Marco Agulli), for creating a serene and carefree atmosphere for our guests, offering quality entertainment for adults and children in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration with other departments;
  • Club Esse Posada, the Best Staff 2022 award for aiming high and reaching the goal with the passionate and winning spirit of a real team. The employees of the entertainment and hotel staff, headed by the Head of Entertainment Nicolò Bellanca and the GM Antonio Paolo Campus.


Two precious awards were also celebrated: the special award as Person of the Year by Ota Viaggi Commercial Director Massimo Diana, who won the 2022 edition of TTG Star, the contest launched by the editorial staff of TTG Italia, in collaboration with TTG Travel Experience, and a special thanks to the Crisciello family, Paolo and Fabiana with their sons, for the smiles they wanted to give us with their affectionate and faithful presence in our resort.

Take a look to the evening gallery

Here are some moments of the evening. The video will soon be available on the official Club Esse Facebook, and Instagram profiles e on the YouTube channel. Stay tuned! ?


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