La Festa 2019: a “space-wide” party to celebrate an endless summer

La Festa 2019: a “space-wide” party to celebrate an endless summer

Find out how to participate to the long night of celebrations Saturday 26 October 2019, starting at 8.30 pm until late at night, in the exclusive location of Spazio Novecento, in Rome.

Last year, over 1300 partners, collaborators, friends and guests celebrated and danced together. If you weren’t to La Festa 2019, here’s a good reason not to miss it this time.

Here’s how to participate to La Festa 2019

To participate to La Festa 2019, Saturday, October 26, 2019 at Spazio Novecento in Rome, together with all the operators of the Club Esse group, starting from the Hotel GMs, passing through the collaborators, partners and the CEOs of the hotel chain, you will simply have to be registered to the Club Esse Fidelity Card..

If you’ve already done so, starting from October 1st, check your email inbox, because you will receive an invitation with all the details to which you will have to reply with a confirmation email, specifying any accompanying guests.

Not registered yet to the Fidelity Card?

If you are not among the guests who have joined the loyalty program yet, don’t panic. Visit the Fidelity Card page and fill out the form by 30 September 2019, and in addition to all the great advantages of the chain, you will see one more time all the protagonists of this endless summer.

Celebrate with all your Club Esse friends a stellar never-ending season, an event where guests, Club Esse tour operators and hotel chain collaborators, all together will meet again to re-embrace and relive their adventures.

La Festa Club Esse is renewed year by year, and the reasons for not missing it are many.

Here are just a few!

Beautiful location with lunar atmosphere and good company. During the party there will be the usual institutional moment where the great work and the untiring participation of collaborators and operators who have contributed to enhance the Club Esse brand will be recognized, with prizes and special thanks.

La Festa 2019 will “take off” with music, fun and moments of pure entertainment in which you can find old friends and embrace new ones, to share an exciting future together.

For more information about La Festa 2019 you can dron an email at [email protected].


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