La Festa 2019: a space party that conquered the Moon

La Festa 2019: a space party that conquered the Moon

The space shuttle with all the Club Esse crew and its guests, partners and collaborators, Saturday 26 October 2019 at the exclusive location Spazio Novecento, in Rome, conquered the Moon with a stellar party.

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As per tradition, the property, all the hotels and resorts staff, partners and collaborators, many guests and friends and the press celebrated the successes on Saturday 26 October 2019, at La Festa Club Esse, another growing season and toast together to future challenges and excellent goals to achieve.

The magnificent location of Spazio Novecento in the heart of Rome, has been “invaded” by a numerous and festive “space” people who have already set the coordinates for the next mission: happiness!

At La Festa 2019, among the partners, the most loyal guests, the hotels and resorts managers and their staff, the entertainment teams, the employees of the operational offices and many friends and collaborators, there were about 1300 participants.

The lunar choreographies of Mirko Guglielmi and his dance troupe Palcoscenico Art Fashion Show and the awarded electric globetrotter violinist Andrea Casta, have enriched an already stellar atmosphere of the gala evening.

As always, at La Festa 2019, the opportunity was taken to thank the many passionate professionals who year after year commit themselves with dedication to making your holiday an experience to be jealously preserved in your memories.

La Festa 2019 awards went to:

  • Anthony Peth, presenter and food and wine expert, accompanied by the chief editor of Tg3 Mariella Anziano, for having fully appreciated the beauty of the Club Esse locations and the quality of the restaurants, enhancing it on important communication channels;
  • Stefano Manfredi, MARR General Manager, for having made the needs of our company their own, showing great availability and efficiency;
  • Marcello Migailo, Club Esse Sporting chef, for getting into the company and immediately making our goals of product quality and variety its own and for having managed its kitchen brigade with great professionalism.
  • Club Esse Selinunte Reception Staff, (represented by the Reception Manager Giustina Lentini) for having dealt with enthusiasm and determination with all the administrative and procedural innovations, offering our guests an always impeccable and warm welcome.
  • Club Esse Cala Bitta Hero trainers, (represented by their tema leader Giulia Bianchini) for having managed the Hero Camp activities with passion and creativity and having enriched the program with new recreational and educational initiatives with a strong impact on our little guests.
  • Club Esse Sunbeach (represented by the Hotel Manager Massimo Bonanno), for offering high quality hospitality, catering and entertainment, combining the needs of Italian and international guests and thus contributing to consolidating the reputation of our brand in the foreign market.
  • Club Esse Roccaruja and Club Esse Sporting entertainment Staff (represented by the entertainment team leader Lele Barrella), for having given our guests happiness and fun, creating a magical and happy atmosphere with passion, enthusiasm and team spirit.
  • Club Esse Cala Gonone Beach Village, Best Staff 2019 award for aiming high and reaching the goal with the passionate and winning spirit of a real team. The entertainment and hotel staff, headed by the entertainment team leader Rio Tommasino and by the hotel manager Germano Filipputti, received the award.


Two more important goals were celebrated: the ten years in Club Esse for Chef Antonio Mazzeo and for hotel manager Anton Paolo Campus and the 30 years of OTA VIAGGI in tourist business, our precious partner.

Have a first look to the evening mini-gallery

Here are just a few moments of the evening space atmosphere. The complete gallery and video will soon be available on the official Club Esse Facebook, and Instagram profiles e on the YouTube channel. Stay tuned! 😉

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