Jobs in tourist entertainment: the 5 most requested roles in 2018

Jobs in tourist entertainment: the 5 most requested roles in 2018

To some tourist entertainers at the first experience will surely have come to mind to start looking for their adventure for the 2018 summer season: what position to look for? What is the most requested role as an animator in a resort in Italy?

The most requested tourist entertainers in 2017 were certainly those who knew how to cover technical roles that required specific and sectoral qualities, which are very precious in tourist entertainment.

The role of animator in the resorts is often associated with individuals who are looking for their own identity and who may not have a precise function. There is nothing more wrong.

Tourist entertainers in hotels and resorts are professionals often highly specialized in specific roles, with very advanced technical skills and who know exactly what they want and where they want to get.

And the most sought-after role of the 2018 tourist entertainer will be precisely an individual who meets these requirements.

And the agencies for tourist entertainers, and in general the professionals who work in this industry, as for years now also Club Esse, are looking mainly for these 5 professionals in tourism entertainment in hotels and resorts.

1. Audio/lighting technicians in tourist entartainment

Animatore tecnico audio e suono animazione turistica

This is the tourist entertainment’s role that perhaps requires more specific technical knowledge, since it creates the audio effects, reproduces the light games and sets up the lighting and audio systems.

2. Scenographer

Animatore scenografo animazione turistica

Art in general is his or her kingdom, especially the one concerning the graphic communication of the resort. It is also able to work and use various materials such as wood, plastic, fabrics and polystyrene to give life to stage productions.

3. Choreographer

Animatrice coreografa animazione turistica

This tourist animator has the fundamental task of creating (and teaching) the dance moves and the ballets for the shows, that make the difference in a holiday in a resort. He works in close contact with the junior counselor, set designer, costume designer and audio/lighting technicians.

4. Mini Club entertainers

Animatrice mini club animazione turistica

Who works as Mini Club entertainer has specific skills and a strong personality that is well suited to the kids’ enthusiasm. These professionals are far from simple baby-sitters, they are predisposed to human contact and have, as well as patience, a lot of creativity.

5. Sports entertainer

Animatore sportivo animazione turistica

This role is in great demand because it means the recruitment of someone who organizes and “conducts” tournaments and sports activities for which is required knowledge of rules regarding the main team and individual sports.

So, dear tourist entertainers and animators 2018, arm yourself with tenacity and foresight, visit the Club Esse page Work with us and fill the form; a season full of fantastic people and adventures is just a click away!


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