Giro d’Italia in Sardinia: finally it’s bicycle-holiday time!

Giro d’Italia in Sardinia: finally it’s bicycle-holiday time!

The combination ‘Sardinia and Giro d’Italia’ has been for many, synonymous of ‘cycling holiday’. A perfect association, especially if Club Esse decides to do something about it. The chain will welcome champions and cyclists by providing the best hospitality during and after the Giro, for those who would like to enjoy the beauties of the island on the two wheels.

The hundredth Giro d’Italia has started from Sardinia and Club Esse has been protagonist, as six of the best teams that took part of the race (started from Alghero on Friday, May 5, 2017), chose to stay at Roccaruja (Stintino – Northwest of Sardinia).

Cycling holiday with Club Esse

Giro d’Italia and cyclotourism intertwine in a very important year for Sardinia. An opportunity that has suggested to Club Esse the development of a virtuous project, which will enable all bicycle-holiday enthusiasts to stay in some of the Club Esse villages (Posada Beach Resort and Gallura Beach Village) taking advantage of a special welcome, thanks also to the Bike Centers, realized in collaboration with Probike.

The guests of these resorts will be able to rent a bike model that best suits their needs, choosing between citybikes, MTBs and roadbikes, and enjoying exclusive services: qualified assistance, dedicated shops, laundry and tutoring, with maps, gps and specialized guides.

The 100th Giro d’Italia

And, now in love with the bicycle, at the Giro d’Italia Grand Depart in Sardinia we were there too, in the front row! We participated at the party that began in Alghero and continued along the way, happy to have witnessed a unique event of its kind, for the special recurrence of its centenary.

And for those who missed this great Giro d’Italia 2017 show, here it is below a gallery of some precious moments we lived in person, that we want to share with all the enthusiasts and curious.

We wish all the best to all the great athletes, especially those who have stayed in our resorts, giving us unfogettable moments.

To our guests, professional cyclists and amateurs, we wish a summer of sun, sea and lots of fun.


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