From tourist entertainer to TV comedian: d’Angella at the Comedy Tour

From tourist entertainer to TV comedian: d’Angella at the Comedy Tour

The last date of the Club Esse Comedy Tour cabaret is with another classy tourist entertainer, from Eccezionale veramente and Colorado, which will bring a whirlwind of irony in the resorts of the chain in Sardinia.

The list of comedians who, before getting successful in some of the most popular TV cabaret shows, have passed for the tourist entertainer job is very long and Giovanni d’Angella is one of the most important to take as an example.

For the Club Esse festival of cabaret, the creator of the laziest TV character will be staying at Club Esse Cala Bitta in Baja Sardinia from 22nd to 28th August 2017, where guests can also exchange jokes by the poolside.

With D’Angella the Club Esse Comedy Tour, the itinerant cabaret and humorous festival that every end of the month from June to August allowed guests of the Sardinian resorts of the Group to enjoy fun-filled days alongside with some famous faces of TV, arrives at the last stop for 2017.

During the festival, comedians, besides performing in exhilarating cabaret shows, will stay at the resort for a week, engaging in activities and moments of complicity in the hotels.

Giovanni D’Angella Shows:

The curriculum of Giovanni d’Angella begins with the Resort tourist entertainer’s experience

In the same way that happened for the tour’s guest in the June stages (Nando Timoteo) for d’Angella too will be a sort of return to the origins.

The comedian from Puglia, started his career by playing cabaret sketches in resorts and hotels, as many of the Club Esse tourism professionals are doing right now.

But after being noticed, thanks to the participation in major comedy competitions, he focused on TV career.

In his list of awards, we remember the most important ones, such as the first place (in partnership with Omar Pirovano) at Campionato mondiale della risata di Trezzano sul Naviglio in 2011, the Radio 2 Rai Ottovolante Prize at the Modena’s emerging cabaret festival in 2012 and the Alberto Sordi Prize in Faenza in 2016.

2012, is the time of the big fame with Zelig off (Italian TV cabaret program), which continued with Zelig Circus (in 2013), Metropolis II (2013/14, on Sky), Tu si que vales (2014) up to Eccezionale veramente.

Here in 2016, he got the second place on five hundred comedians in the TV challenge.

Therefore, this is a message to all the young comedians out there who would like to step into the entertainment world and do not always know where to start.

Giovanni d’Angella, Nando Timoteo and many other talented TV-cabarettists have started doing the tourist entertainers in the resorts and you, what are you waiting for ?!

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