Club Esse Comedy Tour: live an exhilarant holiday in Sardinia

Club Esse Comedy Tour: live an exhilarant holiday in Sardinia

Have you booked a holiday in one of the Club Esse resorts in Sardinia?! The Comedy Tour arrives for a summer of cabaret and top-notch comic sketches that will make you laugh out loud.

Directly from the most prestigious comic stages of the Italian Telly, such as Colorado, Zelig and Eccezionale veramente, the Club Esse group brings in a summer of irony and good humor with the Comedy Tour.

Starts in June, the Club Esse Comedy Tour, an out-and-out small traveling festival among the hospitality chain’s resorts, is a great entertainment event featuring shows and sketches to entertain the guests and make them feel the emotion of being in close contact with some of the most well-known Italian comedians, which from June to August will stage in many Club Esse in northern Sardinia.

Yes, you did understand well. From 28th June 2017 the comedians Nando Timoteo, The PanPers (comic-duo made by Andrea Pisani and Luca Peracino) and Giovanni d’Angella will not only entertain the lucky guests of the resorts, but will actually stay in those resorts of the company.

Nando Timoteo this year had already successfully participated at the fifth edition of APP 2017, the Club Esse training event for tourism professionals.

For a whole week (the end of June, July and August), each of the four celebrity cabaret artists, in addition to their show, will spend their days at the hotels, sharing the holiday with the guests of the resort.

Entertainment, comedy and shows belong to the DNA of the Club Esse group, which was born as an entertainment agency provider and as such has been an industry leader. Hence why Club Esse felt the need to further enhance the entertainment within its hotels and resorts, thinking of a project such as the Comedy Tour: great comedians who will make the guests laugh out loud and at the same time contribute to the professional growth of the Clubs Esse’s future entertainers.

During the Comedy Tour, the popular comedians with their best, new and extravagant sketches, suggested by the location and interaction with the guets, will offer an all-day-long cabaret experience to enrich the holiday by the seaside of all the lucky guests who, in this hot and smiling summer, have chosen Club Esse.

Club Esse Comedy Tour Program

Nando Timoteo | Will stay at Club Esse Gallura Beach Village From 27/06 To 04/07

Nando Timoteo at APP 2017

Mini-Bio: For the comedian, it’s a bit of a return to the origins, since he rised through the ranks (honored by so many awards) by making the not easy touristic entertainer job. His talent and sharp irony have conquered critics and audience, making him staggering important stages such as Zelig, Colorado Café and Caffè Teatro. He is currently on stage with his Nando Timoteo Show.


Club Esse Comedy Tour 2017 Shows

  • Jun 29 – Club Esse Gallura Beach Village
  • Jun 30 – Club Esse Shardana
  • Jul 1 – Club Esse Posada Beach Resort
  • Jul 2 – Club Esse Cala Bitta

The PanPers | They will stay at Club Esse Gallura Beach Village From 24/07 To 27/07 and at Club Esse Roccaruja From 28/07 To 29/07

The panpers

Mini-Bio: Andrea Pisani and Luca Peracino owe much to their success to Colorado, where they are steadily part of the TV program since 2009. In addition to their very popular YouTube channel, the comic-duo has acted in Paolo Ruffini’s movie Fuga di Cervelli, alongside Frank Matano and William Scilla.


Club Esse Comedy Tour 2017 Shows

  • Jul 25 – Club Esse Gallura Beach Village
  • Jul 26 – Club Esse Posada Beach Resort
  • Jul 27 – Club Esse Cala Bitta
  • Jul 29 – Club Esse Roccaruja

Giovanni d’Angella | He will stay at Club Esse Cala Bitta dal 22/08 al 28/08

Giovanni dangella

Mini-Bio: Even Giovanni d’Angella has a past as a touristic entertainer, which allowed him to work for several major tour operators. He reached the success recently, in 2014, thanks to his funny sketches at Tu si que valesan Italian TV program of cabaret. Previously however he was noticed and appreciated in other popular Italian TV shows like Zelig Off and Zelig Circus.


Club Esse Comedy Tour 2017 Shows

  • Aug 23 – Club Esse Cala Bitta
  • Aug 24 – Club Esse Shardana
  • Aug 26 – Club Esse Posada Beach Resort
  • Aug 27 – Club Esse Gallura Beach Village

Veera Kinnunen e Stefano Oradei | They will stay at Club Esse Selinunte Beach (Sicily) From 28/06 To 03/07

Veera and Stefano

Mini-Bio: Couple in life as well as on the track, the two dancers have won together the Hong Kong Cup, the London Championship and the Beverly Hills American Competition. But above all they are well-known to the audiences of Italian Dancing with the stars, on the national TV broadcast, which make compete TV show and sport VIP in the most beloved ballroom dancing.


Club Esse Dancing with the stars – Tour 2017

  • From 26th June to 3rd July every day in the late afternoon, they will hold free dance lessons. The wonderful experience will end with the last show with the performance of the two dancers who, alone and accompanied by the ‘students’, will implement the choreographies that they have designed and tested together.

The Righeira | They will stay at Club Esse Selinunte Beach (Sicily) From 28/08 To 31/08

The righeira

Mini-Bio: Italian music group formed by Stefano “Michael” Rota and Stefano “Johnson” Righi, who became famous thanks to the hits Vamos a la playaNo tengo dinero and L’estate sta finendo, produced by La Bionda Bros (duo) from 1983 to 1987, their most successful discographic period. Their achievements are still considered the summer songs.


Club Esse Shows – Tour 2017

  • Aug 30 – Club Esse Selinunte Beach

In conclusion, touristic and pure entertainment, shows, cabaret and holiday will be as one at the Club Esse Comedy Tour. All the aspiring entertainers and performers, that aim to have a career in the mysterious and exciting world of comedy and cabaret, have to bare this in mind, considering that many of the most appreciated professionals-of-laughs has passed by the role of touristic entertainer.

DOWNLOAD: Club Esse Comedy Tour Official Press

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