Fileja with ‘nduja and crunchy onion, Squillace’s hot Calabrian recipe

Fileja with ‘nduja and crunchy onion, Squillace’s hot Calabrian recipe

The Club Esse recipe book is enriched with a tasty and spicy plate, passing this time through Calabria, in the Gulf of Squillace, where the Executive Chef Carmelo Militano reveals the Fileja with ‘nduja and crunchy onion recipe.

A holiday in the oasis of Club Esse Sunbeach Resort, in the wonderful Gulf of Squillace in Calabria, it’s made of clear sea, warm sun and a cuisine of genuine, strong and delicious flavors.

The Fileja (or Fhilatierj) are a Calabrian macaroni-like pasta and known by many names in different areas; they were traditionally homemade with a typical squared-section tool called u ‘f’rzuh’.

Their shape and body are marvelously matched with tasteful sauces with strong flavors and often spicy, as this is the main characteristic of Calabrian cuisine.

Today we continue our culinary journey by proposing you the simple recipe of this traditional Calabrian pasta combined with another typical product, the ‘nduja, the spreadable and spicy sausage, famous all over the world.

For 4 People:

– 400 gr. of Fileja
– 3 tablespoons of ‘nduja
– 300 gr. of cherry tomatos
– half a glass of white wine
– extra virgin olive
– salt to taste.

How to cook the Fileja with ‘nduja and cruncy onion

In a hot saucepan, put half the onion sliced ​​into the oil, add ‘nduja to melt it and blend it with white wine.

Then add the tomatoes with a pinch of salt, one of sugar and two basil leaves, baking the sauce for 15 minutes on medium heat.

Meanwhile, you have already sliced ​​the remaining onion and, after having floured it well, fry it until it is crunchy at the right point; after which, with a piece of scottex or absorbent paper, dry and keep it warm.

The Fileja must be cooked in plenty of salted water until they become al dente; now drain the pasta and put it in the pan, where you’ll stir-fry the Fileja with the sauce and a spoon of baking water.

Serve it with a dusting of pecorino, if you like, crispy onions and buon appetito!

The final tip, is to approach this plate, in which triumphs the taste, with a good glass of a good red Calabrian Cirò.

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