Cabaret and tourist entertainment 2.0: The PanPers at the Comedy Tour

Cabaret and tourist entertainment 2.0: The PanPers at the Comedy Tour

Your Club Esse holiday in Sardinia is the perfect opportunity to get away from the everyday life and the Comedy Tour is the humorous festival that will give you cabaret evenings and quality tourist entertainment in postcard’s landscapes.

Directly from the Colorado cast, a popular cabaret program on Italian TV, the Club Esse Comedy Tour brings you The PanPers.

The young comic-duo, formed by Andrea Pisani and Luca Peracino, will first stay at Club Esse Gallura Beach Village in Aglientu and then at Club Esse Roccaruja in Stintino from 24th to 29th of July.

Another beautiful opportunity for all the lucky Club Esse’s guests in Sardinia to know and appreciate the sympathy of these great TV artists.

Their fun parodies are very followed online on their YouTube channel, amplifying their well-deserved success; But already in 2009, Colorado’s debut year, their talent conquered the audience’s affection.

The Panpers (in addition to be great cabarettists they can also sing) will end up in some of the Sardinian resorts of the hotel chain at the end of July, giving you an intense week of holiday under the name of fun and laughters.

Standing alongside with some of the most famous national comedy TV cabarettists and web comiedians is the Comedy Tour’s mission, which until the end of August will allow Club Esse’s guests to enjoy a full immersion of great shows and tourist entertainment ad hoc.

The PanPers Cabaret shows:

Cabaret on TV, theater and Social Network: The PanPers’ success

Short but intense, the Panpers career (they were both born in 1987) begins appearing at Colorado in 2010. Soon the digital and social revolution puts them on YouTube with sketches and parody.

The acting debut comes in 2011 with the Akkattappara Show at Teatro Giulia di Barolo in Turin.

Afterwards, Paolo Ruffini engages them for his Cervelli in fuga movie (2013), where they will play alongside Frank Matano and Guglielmo Scilla.

In 2014, however, they are still on TV with Luca Cassol, all protagonists of the sitcom Shot Time, on Italian TV. The PanPers were engaged for the second time in 2016 for the movie I babysitter, where Ruffini was still the director.

In July 2017 you will have the great pleasure of to met them in flesh and bones in your Club Esse‘s holiday, perhaps taking a dive in the pool, to talk about how they could have created a new future for the profession of tourist entertainer on the web.

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