The best summer apps for a connected beach holiday

The best summer apps for a connected beach holiday

Whether you’re planning your beach holiday or reading us under the beach umbrella, these apps are great social tools for any kind of tourist, adventure or resorts lover.

In this digital and social revolution, staying connected with apps can be very important. Today, sharing your experiences and be up to date with daily events, can determine the choice of a hotel, resort, or even a destination.

In all the Club Esse hotels and resorts, which allow you to take advantage of free WiFi, you will be able to always keep up with the latest social trends or to keep in touch with every business matters.

This summer there are several apps that may interest you and we have cataloged them for you.

Let’s start from the beginning, that is, from the moment of departure, when packing represents a real drama for some.

Packpoint: pack up your suitcase

This app advise you what it is best to put in the luggage according to the type of holiday. You will be asked for information such as your destination, holiday date, length of stay, type of travel (leisure or business) and activities you will be doing.

After a rapid process, Packpoint will provide you with a list of clothing and accessories to bring with you, considering also the weather forecasts of our destination. Lite versione and upgrade available.

Accelerator: faster reading of your lists

Accelerator reads articles saved on Instapaper, Pocket or Readability, and those saved on the web, showing the following word to scroll through a hundred words in one minute: it’s only available on iOS for $ 2.99.

MyAlbum: photo album or story?

Both! The app lets you upload photos and videos from your smartphone gallery and then it stores them in an album that captures the best moments of your life. Free on iOS software.

SayWhat: the video-dictionary

Here, users are introduced with a series of phrases followed by short videos that illustrate their meaning. Available for free on both iOS and Android.

Tossup: a digital agenda

One of Microsoft’s latest experiments, helps groups of friends on planning evenings and events by talking to each other. The app receives information from your Facebook and contact list, linking you directly to other profiles.

Now you have all the tools to stay connected throughout your whole holiday, you just have to choose your ideal destination from the catalogue.


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