A vacation Dancing with the stars Boccafoschi, Nuzio e Giovanatti

A vacation Dancing with the stars Boccafoschi, Nuzio e Giovanatti

Ornella Boccafoschi, Marcello Nuzio and Gioia Giovanatti, teachers of the much followed Italian Edition of the show by Milly Carlucci Dancing with the Stars, on Rai Uno, will spice your summer up in Sardinia and Abruzzo.

Do you love to dance and you booked, or you were planning to do so, an Italian beach vacation in Sardinia and Abruzzo in the second half of July? Then there is great news for you: you could happen to be the protagonist even just for a day of Dancing with the stars!

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An event with the dancers of Dancing with the stars, which has become a staple of summer in Club Esse hotels and resorts, and which adds to the already rich and varied range of shows to the tourist entertainment program.

If you are one of those lucky guests you will enjoy a full immersion of dance, where you can learn waltz, tango or salsa steps. Two weeks in which you will be able to take lessons and also appreciate the performances of the popular Italian stars, who during some evenings will also perform accompanied by their “students”.

Ornella Boccafoschi at the Club Esse Cala Bitta

Did you dream of a VIP vacation on the Costa Smeralda? You will be satisfied!

At the Club Esse Cala Bitta, strategic point to fully enjoy the natural wonders of Gallura and the glamorous life of Costa Smeralda, Ornella Boccafoschi will delight your stay, from 28 July to 4 August 2019, with performances on stage, daily dance lessons combined with moments of simple daily sharing.

Ornella Boccafoschi durante un'esibizione

The Boccafoschi in 2010 was convened by the Italian Federation of sports dance to represent the Belpaese at the European Championship in Moscow, obtaining an excellent 4th place, shortly after the second highest step of the podium at the World Cup in Manila.

Marcello Nuzio at Club Esse Mediterraneo

Same dates, from July 28 to August 4, 2019, for Marcello Nuzio, who will live up the holiday of those who have chosen, or will choose, the Pescara coast on the Lido of Montesilvano, at the Club Esse Mediterraneo, in Abruzzo.

Marcello Nuzio Ballando con le stelle

His passion for dancing was transmitted by his parents, both non-professional dancers. Marcello Nuzio has been engaged since 2011 with the dancer Anna Martynova, with whom he shares the dance competitions, runs a dance school and with which, in May 2019, he had, their daughter, Lisa.

Gioia Giovanatti at Club Esse Cala Gonone Beach Village

In the exclusive 4-star Club Esse Cala Gonone Beach Village resort, set in the Gulf of Orosei, one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the Mediterranean, it will be up to Gioia Giovanatti to make guests dance between July 14th and July 21st 2019.

Gioia Giovanatti Ballando con le stelle

Gioia Giovanatti is an international wdsf dancer who participated as a teacher in Dancing with the Stars Italian edition 2017/2018 and in the ballet company of Amici di Maria De Filippi 2019. Italian standard champion 2016/2018, she was also a finalist in the standard world championship in Japan and finalist in the European 10 dance championship in Hungary.

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