7 tips to get over the post-vacation blues

7 tips to get over the post-vacation blues

In the list of remedies and post-vacation advices, there are certainly those that can help making your return to work less traumatic: here it is how to regain productivity and motivation at work and in everyday life.

You just came back from your holidays by the seaside, by the mountains or by the lake and some questions arise spontaneously: how to tackle the first working day after your holidays? What can I do to turn the post-vacation blues trauma lighter?

It is soon said! Below you will find 7 tips that could alleviate stress from post-vacation blues and make you go back to the daily routine you had happily (or maybe not) abandoned before leaving for your well-deserved trip.

1. Plan your return a few days earlier

According to a study, the so-called post-vacation blues syndrome affects 2 out of 3 people and the most affected seems to be among adults aged 25-40. The first step might be to return from your holidays a few days earlier to better manage your organization and rest; in short, to prepare yourself psychologically.

2. Sports and physical activity against trauma from post-vacation blues

After a holiday, you usually tend to indulge yourself in some whims. Getting into shape, going back to the gym or practicing your favorite sport will help increasing the level of endorphins, making you feel more relaxed and happy. Mens sana in corpore sano!

3. Have a healthy diet

Eat well and eat everything! Get full of energy and vitamins and try to don’t miss anything with constrained diets. The blue fish with its Omega 3 and the grape, rich in melatonin, are precious foods to cope with the post-vacation blues syndrome.

4. Schedule a weekend outdoor

Diving into everyday life and working routines requires foresight. For this reason, avoiding the nostalgia about the past vacations must be a priority. And what better way to do so, planning a mini-break outdoor?!

5. Fight the come back from your holidays with friends

If you just came back from Club Esse’s resort you have an incredible opportunity: to put into practice what you’ve seen doing this summer by our resorts’ staff. So arrange some aperitifs with a tasty buffet, cocktail and mocktail and share the stories of your holiday with the people you love.

6. Focus on your passions and hobbies

If you have not been able to reduce the stress from your post-vacation blues, then let your passions and hobbies drag you. The enthusiasm and the practice of what you like will help making you feel more satisfied, serene and happy: find energy and time to do so.

7. Change look to begin a new chapter

Change to reborn. Often changing your look can be very therapeutic. Getting a new haircut, letting your beard grow (or shaving it), or going for some shopping, for example, to change (and sometimes revolution) your outfit, can give you the right boost to resume your everyday life with a renewed enthusiasm.

The last tip is this one: don’t let yourself overwhelm by nostalgia looking at the holiday pictures just gone, take a look at the Club Esse’s catalog instead and choose your next destination!

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