Your holiday in Abruzzo for only 36 euros per day

Your holiday in Abruzzo for only 36 euros per day

Catch the offer: get yourself a holiday in Abruzzo for an unbeatable price and enjoy relax, courtesy and a lot of fun.

If you’re thinking “I’d love to go on holiday, but God knows how much I’m going to spend”, think again!

We give you the opportunity to discover the beauty of Abruzzo, a region rich in tradition and boasting one of the world’s most beautiful national park , staying in a 4-star Hotel at an unmissable price.

From 21/05 to 04/06, on a half board basis *, you will have the bargain to stay at the Club Esse Mediterraneo for just 36 euros per day per person**. The property is situated in a strategic location, a short drive from Pescara and from the most visited places in Abruzzo.

The Hero Camp, an entertainment service for your children, the Young Club for boys and girls and the Biberoneria, a dedicated area for babies up to 3 years, accessible at any time, allowing parents to prepare their own food for their babies or find the main recipes prepared without salt from our kitchen, make this hotel the perfect choice for the whole family.

From 21/05 To 04/06

€ 36   per day per person

Abruzzo Special offer 2017:

* The offer is subject to hotel availability, includes water, wine and beer with meals.

** This offer applies to stays in a double room for a minimum of two nights. 3rd and 4th bed up to 13 years old are free; 3rd and 4th bed for adults are 50% off.


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