Working in tourist entertainment: planning an entertainment program

Planning, organizing and managing a tourist entertainment team and, consequently, creating an entertainment program are tasks that requires competence and experience.

Let’s assume that you have passed all the selections to work during the summer season in the tourist entertainment team in a resort or in a well-known hotel chain, and that summer is just around the corner: you could start from here and understand how best to plan an entertainment program and how to manage your team.

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1. Remember to look at the catalog

The first thing we advise you to do is take a look at the activities advertised in the catalog. With the holiday are sold very often services relate to tourist entertainment, such as archery, canoeing, bowling. Remember that those are the first things you have to plan into the program because they are guaranteed services.

2. Leave your experience aside for a moment

Take a walk around the facility like a guest who’s just arrived at the resort would do. Start from the parking and reception, go through the streets of the tourist village, up to the pool, the beach, the restaurant and sports fields. In short, take a tour! Try to understand what their first impression might be, it will be useful for you to understand how to plan a good reception and an adequate information service. You will not have a second chance to make a good first impression.

3. Evaluate the potential of common areas

Each facility has weak points and strengths, so now, you will need the experience and a good bacjground from which you can pick to plan activities suitable for the most diverse types of resort or hotel. Objectively assess the potential of entertainment areas and remember that what is perfect for a resort could be a failure for another.

4. Imagine a typical guest day

It’s time to use all your previous skills. Imagine the typical day of a guest who gets up in the morning and wants to live his/her holiday with the right mix of relaxation and fun. Ask yourself these questions: “Where would you go in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening?”, “How can I make it all simple?”, “How can I inform the guest without becoming intrusive?” You are there for them and you don’t have to think about what you like, but about what might interest those who will come on holiday.

5. Always create an alternative

Do not fill all the areas dedicated to entertainment. Always do your best to create an alternative. If you plan, for example, entertainment on the beach, reserve the pool as a relaxation area, or vice versa. It is very important not only to create the alternative itself, but also to inform the guests of the resort about this opportunity.

6. Evaluate the type of guests

During the season you will meet various types of guests who will come and go in different percentages. Families with kids, youngsters, adults, thematic groups such as schools or summer camp. Of course, the program must take these variations into account. The recreational areas will acquire different importance and will be used more or less depending on the period and by the guests. Also for this reason, don’t worry about the program, change it whenever you feel the need.

7. Don’t overdo it

The last tip is perhaps the most valuable one. Do not overdo it! Yes, because we always tend to commit the entertainment team to 100%. Instead, try to always leave yourself some team members free, allowing yourself the margin to better plan the days.

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