Tourist entertainer guide: what a contact entertainer is and does

Tourist entertainer guide: what a contact entertainer is and does

We continue our exploration in the world of tourist entertainment to explain what a contact entertainer is and does in a resort.

If this is the first time you look for job opportunities for the next summer and you have come across a job advertisement in which an employer is looking for a contact entertainer, you will probably have asked yourself: what a contact entertainer does?

What is a contact entertainer?

The contact entertainment in the world of entertainment concerns all staff members. It is the staple of the role of a tourist entertainer, absolutely not to be underestimated.

First of all, a contact entertainer is an individual who knows how to stay with people, understands their needs, satisfies their demands and, in the end, entertains them with humor and lightness.

There is no fixed rules, or a mantra, that answers the question ‘how to do the entertainer in the right way?’. We start from knowing how to recognize who we are in front of, empathize and then create a relationship, in which only common sense can indicate what is the most appropriate level of confidence to be established.

What a contact entertainer does?

The essential task of a contact entertainer is to “decode” who is in front of him/her and ensure that teh guest reaches what is looking for in the holiday(fun, carefree, relaxation?), contributing in this way to make the guest’s holiday really special, because special will be the relationship that the entertainer has established with the single person.

In order to carry out the role as a contact entertainer in an impeccable manner, you must keep in mind some goals:

  1. Know how to empathize with the guests of the resort where you work;
  2. Being able to explain the main activities and the entertainment program in a simple and clear way, communication is an essential tool for the tourist entertainer;
  3. Capture any signal of discomfort or discontent and make sure to transform it (resolving it or reporting it to those in duty – most of the time in the management) in a strength of the resort;
  4. Encourage the interaction of as many guests as possible among themselves, so as to create a stimulating, motivating and pleasant environment in which to spend their vholiday. Interaction is a key element, when successful, will leave a good memory and will create a melancholy and slight sense of nostalgia, associated with time spent with pleasure in the resort. A memory that in many cases favors the return and loyalty of the guest to the resort.

How to become a good contact entertainer

A true professional of tourist entertainment usually makes a clear distinction between passive contact, that ‘obliges’ the guest to ‘track down’ the entertainer, and active contact, which on the contrary sees the resort tourist entertainer to go and look for the guest. The substantial difference that turn the job of the tourist entertainer into pure quality and added value for the resort is based on this second point.

The other ‘tools’ of the good contact entertainer are:

  • the greetings, which should be given to everyone unconditionally using cordial forms;
  • the conversation, which has to be simple and stimulating at the same time. Although for many it is the biggest obstacle, once you’ll get over it, will make a difference in the resort;
  • the visibility, also aka eye contact, of the points of reference in the entertainment team and of the activities carried out in the resort, which is often underestimated.

All this of course will be facilitated by the supervision of a charismatic and motivating organized head of entertainment.

Now you have all the information you need to understand if this role in tourist entertainment is right for you. If it is so, send your application by filling the form on the Club Esse website, join our formidable tourist entertainment teams!


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