Tourism and communication: Club Esse invests in training

Tourism and communication: Club Esse invests in training

Effective communication can be a formidable tool to improve dialogue and relationships with customers and partners. It can make the description of the services clearer and more effective and better understand the guests’ needs in order to guarantee their satisfaction. Club Esse, to encourage these processes, continues to invest in training.

For a company that grows in the tourism industry it is essential to keep up, sometimes even trying to anticipate trends. Especially if we are talking about communication in tourism, a land in continuous development and expansion.

The main reason for investing in training of its staff in tourism communication, as well as for a virtuous purpose of increasing the knowledge of its operators, lies in the fact that, in the digital era, users are always and continuously looking for the right offer.

Especially those who travel, they do so even before in the endless ocean of media, constantly hunting for a new destination, a new journey and a holiday in which to live a different experience from the previous ones.

And in order to gain the trust of their guests it is first of all necessary to be ‘traceable’, with a clear offer and a message that can communicate all the information that the tourist is looking for.

And it is precisely for this reason, to better identify the needs of the guests, to meet all their expectations and to go beyond their requests, anticipating needs and curiosity, that Club Esse, on Saturday 13 January and Sunday 14 January, ‘sent at school’ of tourist communication the human resources, the booking and the commercial staff.

At the training course, held by Turismo Academy – Scuola di turismo, we talked about the importance of communication in tourism and, in particular, of tourist communication techniques in order to more effectively reach guests who are ‘looking’ for the Club Esse universe, but who still, for one reason or another, they could not find it.

Among other things, the operators involved in hospitality tourism communication training course had the opportunity to deepen the concepts of customer care and customer satisfaction, which have as main reference the satisfaction of the guest and is at the foundation to build a healthy relationship between the tourist company and the guest itself.

On the other hand, what better testimonial of your brand, if not a guest who leaves your hotel or resort satisfied and with the desire to return?!


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