Bears, elephants and octopus. The weird and strange Sardinian rocks

Bears, elephants and octopus. The weird and strange Sardinian rocks

Between bears, elephants, odd animals and fantasy objects Sardinian rocks never ceases to amaze us.

No, it’s not a joke. Bear, elephant and octopus actually, are some of the dozens of recognizable animals in many “magical” rocks sculpted by the wind and the sea of ​​Sardinia.

How to get to these fantastic landscapes to see these rocks?

The Elephant Rock is located in Castelsardo, 35 minutes by car from Club Esse Sporting. In the opposite area, north-east of Sardinia, in Palau, we find the Bear Rock and in La Maddalena the Octopus Rock, near the Club Esse Shardana and Club Esse Gallura Beach Village.

In these rocks, though irregular, it is impossible not to see the bear, the elephant or the octopus.

But even more extraordinary and funny are the rocks on which everyone can challenge their imagination by seeing the most absurd things!

These rocks often have a look that is far from elegant and suggest many similarities. Human faces, scary monsters, turtles or phallic symbols! And, on the Mal di Ventre Island, in the Sinis (Oristano province), even two fiances who take their arms. And even this last sculpture, partly demolished by vandals in 2011, today, for some, seems to have taken on an indisputable phallic form. Malice perhaps due to the effect of some myrtle shots too, maybe in the summer heat, or maybe a slightly Freudian inclination. Whatever is the reason, watching these shows, it is natural to wonder if actually behind the creation of such charms, there is the hand of some skilled sculptor of the past, in addition to the sea fury and the complicity of the winds. Many of the strangest and most singular rocks are located in Capo Testa, in the area around the lighthouse, just 5 minutes from Santa Teresa di Gallura, near the Club Esse Shardana and the Club Esse Gallura Beach Village.

Therefore be careful while walking in Sardinia, stop and contemplate our rocks carved for centuries and have fun. Get anywhere with imagination, perhaps thinking of which of these weird rocks has the shape that looks like you the most. It’s good for the spirit!


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