Ronn Moss’s first vacation in Sardinia at Club Esse Palmasera Resort

Ronn Moss’s first vacation in Sardinia at Club Esse Palmasera Resort

A chat with Ronn Moss, yes, the one and only! The musician and actor, famous in Italy as “Ridge Forrester” from the hit TV series Beautiful, who, along with his wife Devin DeVasquez, chose Club Esse for their first vacation in Sardinia.

The renowned musician, also known as Ridge Forrester from the popular TV series Beautiful, recently had a fabulous vacation at Club Esse Palmasera Resort in Cala Gonone, Sardinia.

The Ronn Moss Interview

During his stay at Club Esse Palmasera Resort, Ronn Moss was interviewed by the Club Esse communication team.

In the interview, he shared his love for Italy and talked about his recent movie titled Surprise Trip which inspired his latest eponymous album.

This album also gave its name to his music tour in Italy, Surprise Trip Love Tour, which was hugely successful among his numerous fans.

In Sardinia for the first time

Sardinia, especially the Baunei coast, with its crystal-clear waters, breathtaking beaches, and enchanting landscapes, clearly captured Ronn Moss’s heart.

One can only imagine if this beautiful island will one day inspire the famous musician to write a new song that captures the essence of this magical experience.


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Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll see him perform an exciting live show right at one of the Club Esse chain resort giving the guests an unforgettable and engaging experience.

All in all, Ronn Moss and his wife Devin DeVasquez‘s choice to spend their vacation at Club Esse Palmasera Resort in Sardinia not only highlights his love for Italy but also emphasizes the exceptional quality and appeal of this dream destination in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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