La Festa Club Esse 2022: interesting facts, guests and previews

La Festa Club Esse 2022: interesting facts, guests and previews

We cheered last time at La Festa 2019 surrounded by the magical lunar atmosphere and we would never have thought of such a long separation; but, finally, we can celebrate the end of this wonderful season spent together by “landing” in a new colorful party. 

For La Festa 2022 we have chosen to celebrate the greatness of colors to underline the explosion of energy of this summer season.

The Let’s Glow claim invites everyone to shine in the rediscovered joy of being together, which is why we chose the colorful/fluo dress code.

Guests and interesting facts

At La Festa there will be the company management, the Gm’s, the entertainer teams and all the hotel staff of our resort, as well as the partners and friends of Club Esse who will want to share memories and successes of summer 2022 with us.

The traditional Thanks and the prestigious Best Staff award will be awarded and there will be a toast and party until late in the evening.

To guarantee excellent music the amazing electric violinist Andrea Casta, the Roman DJ and producer Gabriele Gerosi and, directly from the most beautiful clubs of the Costa Smeralda, the DJ Gass Krupp.

Useful information about La Festa

When: Friday 4 November at 9.00 pm

Where: Spazio Novecento – Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 26/b (Eur area). The area is served by many public transport, including at night, and you can consult the website for more information.

How: to access it will be essential to be registered on the entry list; to be accredited you must reply to the invitation email specifying your name and surname, number of participants and indicating the presence of any kids.

If you have not received the invitation, request it at [email protected] specifying in which resort you were a guest of.

Contact us by phone or email:

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