Job-hunting: 380 open positions in Club Esse hotels and resorts for summer 2022

Job-hunting: 380 open positions in Club Esse hotels and resorts for summer 2022

A huge process of job-hunting campaign is starting to find professionals in Club Esse hotels and resorts located on the splendid coasts of Sardinia, Abruzzo and Calabria, in Italy.

The most requested profiles in the tourist entertainment sector are audio-lighting technicians, set designers, choreographers, kids entertainers for mini clubs and sports instructors, in particular tennis, archery and fitness. There are also excellent opportunities for those who want to pursue their professional path as head entertainer, piano bar musician, dancer. And more open positions as lifeguards and boutique attendants.

In the hotellerie area, the hotel chain is looking for candidates to be included in the hotel management, reception, revenue, F&B, housekeeping and maintenance areas.

Job-hunting for summer season 2022

With the support of the employment agency Il Tuo Lavoro, Club Esse has scheduled many selection appointments starting from mid-February. It will be possible to choose between on-line or face-to-face interviews in full compliance with the anti-Covid19 legislation.

How to apply

The first step is to send your application through the form on the Work with us web page. Once the existence of the basic requirements has been verified, the recruiters will send an invitation to participate in an interview in one of the possible ways.

The online interviews will be held daily starting from February 14th, while the face-to-face interviews will follow this schedule:

It will also be possible to have the interview face-to-face at the Club esse head quarter in Rom.

Club Esse has also scheduled training – in particular on safety at work – and team building opportunities, with the certainty that working with awareness and in an environment that enhances cohesion between people is essential to achieve better results.

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