Introducing Bike Sharing for Your Club Esse Holidays in Sardinia

Introducing Bike Sharing for Your Club Esse Holidays in Sardinia

Are you planning a beach vacation in northern Sardinia and you’re a lover of two wheels? Club Esse resorts have an exceptional news just for you: Bike Sharing.

For the hotels and resort in Stintino and Cala Gonone, the hotel chain offers you the opportunity to explore the island’s beauties by bike independently, making your experience even more authentic and unforgettable.

Indeed, for the summer of 2024, Club Esse will provide you with the bike sharing service at Club Esse Sporting and at Club Esse Roccaruja in Stintino, and at Club Esse Cala Gonone and Club Esse Palmasera in Cala Gonone.

How to Use Bike Sharing at Club Esse resorts

  1. Download the Unicorn Mobility App: first of all, make sure to download the Unicorn Mobility app, available on both Android and iOS. This app will allow you to access the Bike Sharing service and easily unlock the bicycles.
  2. Scan the QR Code: once you get at the bike parking area at Club Esse resorts, open the app and scan the QR code located on the frame of the vehicle you wish to rent. This process is quick and intuitive, allowing you to start your adventure in a matter of moments.
  3. Enjoy the rental: each eBike can only be picked up and dropped off in the hotel’s bike parking area. After unlocking the bicycle, you’re ready to explore Sardinia as you wish. 

15-Minute Bonus for You!

To make your experience even more special, we offer you an exclusive bonus: open the app and redeem the Voucher in the dedicated section by entering the code WEL15MIN. This way, you can enjoy an extra 15 minutes of free rental!

Rules for Bike Sharing at Club Esse resorts

  1. Wear a Helmet: to ensure your safety, we ask you to always wear a helmet during the rental. Request it directly from the resort reception.
  2. Pay Attention to Traffic Regulations: respect the rules of the road and drive responsibly. Always maintain control of the handlebars and follow traffic signs.
  3. Pause Mode: if you need to take a break during your bike ride, use the “Pause” function directly from the app. This will allow you to pause the rental without having to immediately return the bicycle.

How to End the Rental

Once you have completed your exploration, make sure to be in the hotel’s bike parking area to end the rental. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the process quickly and easily.

With Bike Sharing at Club Esse resorts, your vacation in Sardinia will be even more adventurous and with no limits. Choose the freedom to explore the beauty of the island on two wheels and live unforgettable experiences during your seaside vacation.

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