Fashion: the 10 trendiest one-piece swimsuits for your summer holidays

Fashion: the 10 trendiest one-piece swimsuits for your summer holidays

On the beach comes bach the elegance of the one-piece, this is the latest trend, staged on all the most prestigious fashion shows for this summer holidays 2017.

A real dive (for now in time, for that in the pool, we recommend choosing a Club Esse holiday by browsing the catalog) in the ’80s and ’90s.

There are simple and eccentric, and according to the most authoritative stylists, they like so much because they thrust the body and give more harmony to the more generous curve.

The composition of the one-piece swimsuit, which includes various models among the many collections of the summer, seems to be the perfect ally for enhancing shapes.

One-piece swimsuit: which model to choose?

Dizzy neckline and models with laces are very much for fitness lovers who prefer to swim in the waves to keep their body fit.

Whether it’s striped on a vintage riviera style, single-color to emphasize elegance, or with botanical, exotic and multicolored fantasies, it does not matter.

What matters is that have to be a one-piece swimsuit, which creates a “peek-a-boo” effect that is very likeble.

There are those who drank with a creative touch, adding laces and knots that showcase skin flaps so as not to penalize too much a golden tan on the way back from their beach holiday.

What brands do you choose for a trendy beach holiday?

The most hot versions of 2017 summer are made by Calzedonia, La Perla, Bonprix, Norma Kamali, H&M and Dolce & Gabbana.

They are really for all tastes and pockets, starting from modest budgets for a price of 20 or 30 euros, up to the more expensive models that even go over 500 euros.

Looking at the beaches of Italian shores, it seems that the only keyword is: one-piece swimsuit.

So, go to a store or visit the website of your favorite brands, choose the model that will appeal to you and you’re ready for your beach holiday.

This long summer has to be lived up to the top, so once you choose your swimsuit, whether it’s a one-piece or a bikini, the next step is to schedule your holiday, maybe immediately requestingn quote!.


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