Sports in the village is one of the main times for fun and togetherness, so our entertainers and instructors are distinguished not just in their skills, but in their training abilities and a strong talent for communicating and engaging people.

Championships, lessons, events

We organise championships, group and private lessons and individual events.

We make the most of the facility

We adapt our activities programming to the rooms, the fields and the sports facilities available in each tourist complex, showing off its features.

Activities for all ages

We consider the needs of all our guests, from the youngest to the oldest. The way we do things means that sports is a true time for relaxation, health, growth and sharing.
Hero Camp - Club Esse's entertainment for the little ones

Hero Camp

Hero Camp is the entertainment project for children started in 2011 and present in every Club Esse and all our facilities that have Fun for Life! entertainment. Our mascot, the penguin named Pink Hero, and the Hero Trainers let our young guests experience a holiday within a holiday with leisure, sports, artistic and theatrical activities inspired by themes of ecology and community.

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