Don’t do somersaults. Pay in installments, 0% interest, 10% discount and kids free 🤩

Don’t do somersaults. Pay in installments, 0% interest, 10% discount and kids free 🤩

Booking summer holidays can be challenging. But if you too are more comfortable paying the bill a little at a time, if you are looking for an affordable price and want to take advantage of an extra 10% discount, then Club Esse has the solution for you. Uh, and it’s also FREE for your kids.

Club Esse is an Italian hotels and resorts chain, with entertainment for the whole family, a few steps from the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, Calabria and Abruzzo.

In 2021 Club Esse was chosen by 471011 guests.

The Italian Industry Association, Confindustria, puts Club Esse among the top 4 chains in Italy in the Sun & Beach tourism ranking.

Club Esse hotels are made for you if you ask for the ideal holiday:

  1. A fabulous sea
  2. Fun at any time of the day
  3. Nature, unforgettable views and relaxation whenever you need of

Offer: pay in installments, insurance on cancellation penalties, discount up to 10% and totally free for your children

Book now in one of the Club Esse Hotels and Resorts on the sea, you can pay in small installments and without any interest thanks to the Holipay option. With the BeSafe Rate option you will have insurance on cancellation penalties. And there is also a discount of up to 10% for you on the entire price list. And for your kids the holiday is free.

Pay in small interest-free installments

Does the cost of your summer vacation seem too demanding and paying it all at once is too much? No problem.

Nobody should give up on holidays, especially after two years of stress!

Thanks to the Holipay option, you will pay the whole amount of your booking little by little and without any interest.

Discount – 10% off

The 10% * discount is valid on all bookings, and can be combined with alll already active offers, such as: Book early, Kids free, Adult + kid, Special 4 pay 3, and all others *. It will instead be 5% if associated with the BeSafe Rate insurance.

Besafe Rate Insurance

Thanks to the BeSafe Rate ** option, you will enjoy the following guarantees, both in case of missed departure and during the holiday:

  • Refund of the booked holiday *, even in the case of Covid.
  • Refund of the unused days, if during the holiday there are circumstances that require you to return, the unused booking days will be reimbursed.
  • Health and road assistance.
  • Guarantee for theft and loss of luggage.

 Book your stay light-heartedly. If you change your mind, you can cancel up to 3 days before departure.

The holiday is free for children

Book your stay and take up to two 0 and 13 years old kids on holiday for free.

This offer is valid for bookings made by telephone only.

Call 06 45439344 and ask for a personalized quote immediately.

To our booking operators indicate the offer: NIENTE SALTI MORTALI

Don’t waste time, the offer ends on April 20, 2022.

Book now by phone or email:

* All offers are not retroactive and are valid only for bookings confirmed by April 20, 2022 and are subject to limited places.

** Methods of payment: the Total Guarantee condition provides for the immediate balance of the booking, which will be subject to 100% of the reimbursement in the cases provided for with free cancellation insurance in the event of cancellation for unexpected events, including: any certified disease, contagion from covid-19, illness, injury, hospitalization or natural disaster. Included in the price, from the day of arrival to the day of departure, health care, luggage guarantee, theft, refund of the stay in case of early departure and roadside assistance. The tourist tax is not included in the Besafe Rate rate, it is not retroactive and includes 10% VAT

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