A parachute for your holidays with free cancellation without penalty

A parachute for your holidays with free cancellation without penalty

Discover the prepaid rate with insurance included that will allow you to book your stress free beach holiday and to get your money back in case of an unexpected event.

In these uncertain times, getting an additional safety on the booking of your holidays thanks to the free cancellation and without penalties, is the way Club Esse has thought of protecting your stay.

For every booking with Club Esse we will plant a tree in our corporate forest. ?

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How does free cancellation with Club Esse work?

In case of an unexpected event, you can get the money back! The Besafe Rate is a special formula to travel  with peace of mind, with added value included for you and the people you love.

What changes if you book with this rate without penalty?

Now your stay will be covered up to 100% of the refund in the cases provided with a free cancellation insurance for unexpected events, including: flu, accidents, hospitalization or natural disasters. It is also very important to specify that bookings with free cancellation do not cover pandemic cases under any circumstances and are not retroactive.

In addition to the cancellation guarantee, you will have included in the price, from the day of arrival in one of the chain hotels and resorts to the day of departure, health care during the stay, baggage guarantee, theft, refund of the stay in case of early departure for real problems and roadside assistance.

Club Esse has decided to protect you no ifs and buts, creating all the necessary conditions for you to book in a safe and stress free way, without thinking about the future and, above all, with no extra costs!

The cancellation policy and payment

With this rate created for all tourists, vacationers and travelers who want to feel safer, cancellation is guaranteed for unforeseen events and offers a refund of up to 100% of the total stay, which will be deducted at the time of booking.

Besafe Rate

Club Esse hotels and resorts Refund up to 100%

Book with free cancellation


* The rate is inclusive of 10% IVA and does not under any circumstances cover cancellations due to pandemic events. The tourist tax is not included and the rate and is not retroactive.

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